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Thread: The Eagles' Nest

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    The Eagles' Nest

    Welcome to the Eagles' Nest, where you can find all of the information you could ever want to know about Ravenclaw.

    This thread includes a history of the house along with comments and memories from it's current members.

    Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw
    If you've a ready mind
    Where those of wit and learning
    Will always find their kind.

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    Just Beyond the Veil
    I was so excited when I got sorted into Ravenclaw in October of '06. I knew this was where I belonged. However, I was also intimidated by the older members. It seemed like everyone was friends, and I didn't want to butt in. Once I worked up the nerve to start posting in the Common Room, I realized I was right: we all are friends. My fellow 'Claws (or Turnips ) were all so nice and accepting. They are always there to help when anybody needs it. I'm extremely proud to be a part of my wonderful House.

    Ravenclaw is so much fun. We discuss theories (and everything else ); play Guess the Turnip; give each other hugs, pep talks, help, applause, and confetti (and the occasional birthday cake); and work together to earn House points. We have a mascot, Turnip the Plot Bunny, but Snape also hangs around our Common Room a lot. It gets pretty crazy whenever he drops in.

    As sappy as it may sound, it's the best, and I absolutely love it.


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    Hi! *waves*
    I hope you enjoy being in Ravenclaw. We're a crazy group of people from a mixed background. Even though first it might seem like we're all "tight knit" and stuck in groups, it is false! We welcome Sprouts with open arms, and lots of hugs!
    *turnip hugs*

    I got sorted back before the forums were re-vamped (March 2006) and had to wait a month to get back on so I never really got a chance to get to know my House mates. Once the forums were re-opened, I can pretty much "ditto" what helgaandgodric, Just Beyond the Veil, and Lily_writes have mentioned. I felt out of place, it felt like everyone already had friends. I didn't know how to participate. I began with small things like posting here or there, and eventually I found myself accepted in the loving arms of my fellow Turnips. So...moral of the story, participate. Don't be shy, and think you'll be shunned. You won't!

    We have a lot of fun stuff to do in our Tower. I run the Guess the Turnip thread which is very fun, and I'm always bugging people to participate. =] I hope once you feel comfortable, you'll participate as well. And even if you don''s a great way to get to know your fellow Turnips and Sprouts. If you "guess the Turnip" you get to hold the Turnip O' Doom!

    We have Snape in our CR (I'm not quite sure why), and a cute plot-bunny as our mascot...his name is Turnip. He tried taking over siggies for a while back in December '06.

    We hold fiction exchanges once in a while, and crack!fic Round Robins. We have a "Who's Who in Ravenclaw" thread where you have to wear the Sorting Hat and see what song it plays for you. We have loads of fun, and many other threads that make it an enjoyable place to be.

    Since no one else in my cohort here has mentioned it, I think I will.

    The Story Behind the Turnip:
    You're probably wondering what all this "Turnip" and "Sprout" business is, right?

    Well, I can't tell you who started the "Turnip" thing exactly, but back in the day (in other words, before my time) a fellow 'Claw got confused and posted in the CR that Luna Lovegood wore turnips for earrings when in reality it was radishes.
    Somehow the name stuck, and we called ourselves Turnips. =]

    As for the Sprouts...that's what we call "newbies" (like you) in our House. Mooncalf came up with the name as a joke, but again, it stuck. So...your current status is that of a Sprout, but don't fret. Eventually, we all bloom and transition into Turnip status - mind you, there's no formal "Welcome to Turniphood" celebration - it's really more of a personal growth reflection on your part to make.

    Again, I hope you enjoy your stay in our Tower, and partake in all the wonderful activities that Ravenclaw has to offer.


    I've left moddom/fandom...though don't be surprised if I get caught lurking once in a blue moon.
    All questions pertinent to Ravenclaw need to be sent to ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor
    If you wish to keep in touch, feel free to friend me on LJ - I don't friend anyone under the age of 18. Sorry!

    Otherwise, so long, and thanks for all the fish!

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    red and gold
    *Apparates in*

    Ooooh, a shiny new thread for Ravenclaw Newbies! How exciting!

    Hi! I'm red and gold, or Andrea. I am one of the drool-rag carrying lovers of all things Snape that Star/Wand_Waver2006 warned - er, spoke about. But, don't let that scare you off - I also like Lucius Malfoy!

    I was sorted into Ravenclaw in February 2007. I was a shivering Sprout, terrified to post in the common room until I noticed that the lovely 'Claws all seemed to be wonderfully helpful, witty, and just a lively, fun bunch of Turnips! I started posting in the common room and I was welcomed with open arms and introduced to several other Snape-lovers (hooray!)

    I started entering Ravenclaw In-House Challenges, wishing others "Happy Birthday" in our Birthday Thread, Congratulating Turnips on a job well done in our Congratulations and Commiserations Thread, and getting to know some of the kindest, most wonderful people in these forums. (I'm biased, I admit it. )

    With the support and encouragement of my fellow 'Claws, I branched out into posting in different threads, joining Dean's Corner (which is for those who love art), the Duelling Club (which is for those who love to ask and be asked questions about all things HP/fanfic related ~although a friend of mine did get asked if she prefers ketchup on her tater tots) and taking Hogwarts summer classes.

    One of the highlights of these last months - though there are many - was our Ravenclaw Team winning the Quidditch World Cup! Woot! I would encourage everyone to try out for the team when try outs resume in September. (Our own lovely Star was our Cap'n and an amazing job she did, too!) Quidditch is a type of round-robin writing that sharpens your writing skills and keeps you focused on your topic. It's so much fun!

    So, to make a short post long, Welcome To Ravenclaw! We are so glad to meet you and we look forward to watching you grow from Sprout to Turnip!

    *trumpets sound*
    *confetti flies*
    *crowds cheer*

    Oh, one last thing before I forget. I also want to leave you with a warning. These forums can be extremely addictive. Seriously. Dare I say it? Even possibly more so than chocolate. Crazy talk, I know, but it's true!

    I'm always around (see above paragraph) so feel free to PM me anytime, to ask questions, or just to say "hi!" I'll be saving you the best chair next to the fire in the common room. Er, not the chair next to Snape. The other one.

    *huggles Sprout*
    *hands Sprout butterbeer and Chocolate Frogs*


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    I first joined the old boards back in Febuary of 2006 – I’m an old far– what? User friendly boards? Rightio then.

    I’m an little old grey eagle – greyer around the ears from some, and still a hatchling compared to others.

    Ravenclaw is a house of champions. We’ve got smarts, grace, and a certain air about the way we do things.

    Geddit, air?

    While some of us are total brainiacs, there’s others, like myself who have been here a little too long. We’re the sort of people who, when asked what’s heavier: a ton of feathers, or a ton of bricks, with immediately launch into a discussion about the grammatic value of said sentence, combined with the obvious intelligence of those to whom the question is directed, and – in short, some of us are a feather too short.

    There’s been the ages of Ravenclaw. There was the stone age, where the net was situated high in the mountain tops, and great Kings and Queens like Magical Maeve, Poultrgeist, Vorona, Slian Martreb, wishiwereaweasley, callmehermione, Starmaiden and Garyf resided. Then, as the great winds began to tear across the cliffs and disturb and ruffle the feathers of the newest hatchlings, including myself and Lily_writes, the nest took a great tumble.

    In May, the strongest of the Ravenclaws gathered their shattered egg shells, gathered more twine and shiny things, and brought about the house that is there for confetti today. It has brought forth great birdies like Joybelle, Mugglemathdork and Gmariam.

    Many of the little grey old eagles passed on over the year. Many were whisked away from their nests in a Finding Nemo-esk manner, until they found themselves in the real world, chirping happily as they gobble down food, yet never quite forgetting their time spent in the nest.

    There were times when Ravenclaw was the formidable house. There were times where we sat back and observed biding our time until we saw the worm for which to abandon our post and STRIKE. But whether or not Ravenclaw wins the House Cup is only second to what the house can bring you. Friendship, banana splits, midnight chats and the answer to the meaning of life – 42.

    Month after month brings new Ravenclaws to the nest. With the help of Turnips, the HoH and Prefect nourish the hatchlings into fully grown eagles.

    And that, small hatchlings, is what you are to live up to.

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    *wanders in*

    Oh, Ravenclaw. I love my house more than I can say. It's strange, really, when you think about it; I can hardly believe that I've gotten so very attached to this concept, this idea, this group of people who make up Ravenclaw. I haven't been here long, but I've grown to know and love all the wonderful people who make up our house. I love Ravenclaw. Enough said.

    Okay, even though I just said “enough said”, I think I'll continue. I remember when I first joined the house I was absolutely terrified. So many “faces”, so many names, so many pictures of Snape staring out at me from banners and avatars! *shudders* [I remember I was terrified of Sandy at first, but that was just because of her avvie. ]

    But time passed and I came out of my shell; I met so many wonderful new people, and made so many amazing friends. I know that loyalty isn’t one of the traits usually associated with Ravenclaw, but my experiences with my lovely housemates tell me otherwise. We’re a tight-knit group and extremely attached to one another—but we’re always ready to welcome in new Sprouts with open arms.

    My best Ravenclaw memory is probably winning June Ravenclaw of the Month. I remember I discovered I had won on the morning of my AP test; despite all the stress, the kind and wonderful words of my ‘Claws managed to bring a smile to my face. Oh, how I love Ravenclaw!

    And then there was that time I got my wisdom teeth out. I was horribly distressed, but it was my lovely ‘Claws who were always there to bring an, albeit painful, smile to my puffy face. Whether they gave me words of encouragement and sympathy, or pictures of chipmunks, it seemed like all my ‘Claws were there to support me… They’re wonderful.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that Ravenclaw just means so much to me… the people, the activities, the unity, the very concept of a united house… *sigh* I love Ravenclaw so much. I truly am a Turnip at heart, and I could never, never imagine myself as anything else.

    I love Ravenclaw.

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    Simply Being
    Absolutely lovely thread :-)

    I joined up in June, I think it was, 2006 and I absolutely fell in love with Ravenclaw at first sight. The amount of funny, caring, and intelligent people all in one place amazed me. Everyone I know in Ravenclaw has supported me so much and I am so grateful for everything.

    Little Ravenclaw Sprouts, consider yourselves unbelievably lucky to have found such a great House with great people.

    Love all of you! (Sandy, Chrissy, Kate, Gina, Rachel, Star, Abigail and so many others, I didn't forget you and I couldn't if I tried).


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    red and gold
    Hi Sev!

    I just sent you a PM with answers to your questions, but I am loving your enthusiasm for Ravenclaw! I do hope you get sorted here, because we have a lively fun House, with an incredible Head of House (Jan/Magical Maeve) and Prefect (Julie/myownmuggle). There are several Snape lovers here, which is why we pretend-stole Snape from Slytherin House and keeped him locked in our Tower with us.

    We love to welcome new Sprouts! We always have Turnipy confetti ready and the disco ball going, just in case one walks in the door.

    Best Wishes!

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    red haired mom
    Hello to all of the new Ravenclaws!

    I would just like to start off by saying, don't be nervous, we are all friendly.

    To be honest, I have only been here a short while, only a week, but I have already posted quite a bit. I am participating in the Autumn Challenge, and trying to help my fellow housemates win the cup!

    I was sorted into Ravenclaw and jumped right in. I was slightly intimidated, but I knew I couldn't find my way all alone. Not if I wanted to actually do anything. So, if you feel the urge to participate in any or all of our lovely activities, go ahead, jump in with both feet.

    Some of us are older in RL and some of us are teenagers. I happen to be in the former category, but that doesn't stop us from all being friends. So far I have talked with quite a few of both categories in the CR and in PM.

    I can tell you, the first time I randomly PM'd someone, it was Sandy (Snape's Talon) and she was very nice and helpful. So don't hesitate to ask questions in the 'Ask Away...' thread, and PM the friendliest person you see, even me, if you want. Except maybe for Jan or Julie. (Magical Meave, and myownmuggle, our lovely HoH and Prefect. They tend to be a bit busy, you can however ask them something in the Ask the HoH... thread.)

    Welcome to the Tower, and I hope to see you posting soon!

    *hands out more drool rags to the Snape lovers*

    Yes, that includes me, but I also love Sirius, polar opposites I know!


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    Hi *waves* I'm new.
    I know this isn't the introduction thread, but I just wanted to let you know how happy I am to be Sorted into Ravenclaw (I was Sorted in here, though I don't think I've been officially added yet). Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure indeed.
    I was pretty sure I'd be Sorted into Ravenclaw (my second guess was Slytherin, but I'm not nearly sinister enough for that) and I was right! Ravenclaw is great, because if
    A Gryffindor flourishes a sword and storms ahead
    A Slytherin conspires in the shadows, poison at hand
    A Ravenclaw masterminds from behind a pile of books
    And a Hufflepuff busies himself in the kitchens to feed the army,
    I think we all know who's made the wisest choice

    But I digress! I'm very excited, especially now that I discover that most of my favorite authors come from this House.

    *goes to harrass snape*

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