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Thread: The Serpents' Lair

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    When I first joined the boards, it took me a while to get sorted. When I finally did get sorted, I was put into Slytherin. I was a little shocked at first, but I realized that one of the people I had already made friends with was sorted into Slytherin also. I started going into the Common Room, and I found that I really enjoyed hanging out with my fellow Slyths.

    When any of us have problems, we can count on support from our fellow Slyths. Many people disappear for a while, but most people check back in. They just have so much fun and miss the comraderie when they don't have time to stop by.

    We have fun with challenges, and the Gauntlet seems to really light a fire in all of us. I don't know if it is because they are run by our HOH or just so many of us have participated in the past, but the Common Room tends to really fill up with information on the Gauntlets when we are in the middle of a Gauntlet.

    We have great banner makers and we advertise when we update stories. Usually that gets us reviews from fellow housemates. It is just a good time!


    Banner by Grangergirl from Slytherin

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    Hi! I'm Ashley. I've been a proud Slytherin for a little over two months now, I think. Still being semi-newbie, I can tell you about how friendly everyone is when you're just getting started.

    I didn't become truly active until May, but I talked to a couple of other Slytherins, especially Suzie (crazy_purple_hp_freak). She encouraged me to post in the Common Room, and introduce myself, and eventually I did. I was surprised at all the greetings I got from my fellow Slyths in the CR. Don't be afraid to introduce yourself! We're all friendly, and you're sure to at least get a few waves from the others in the Common Room, if not big, colorful welcomes.

    I've enjoyed hanging out in Slytherin house, with the Snake Pit, our in-house challenge, and the Common Room. But I didn't feel like I was doing anything... useful yet, so I started posting some outside the Common Room. Now I have a beta thread, a drabble thread, and a fan art thread. The site is so much fun, it's hard to resist, and the people you talk to will encourage you to post things like that.

    We're the most talkative of all the houses; we've used sixty-eight Common Rooms so far... including the one we're using right now. And Slyths are NOT what JK Rowling writes us to be. We're not evil, we don't hate the other houses, and we never try to get points taken away from them in any way.

    So have fun in Slytherin, and I'll see you around the boards!


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    Hi, I'm Remora and when I was sorted into Slytherin (I hadn't gotten on all day so it was one in the morning when I got the PM), I thought I was just imagining it. I had been expecting Hufflepuff, but now that I'm a Slyth, I realise that this is where I belong: everyone is really nice, and I actually do have Slytherin traits! I love being a Slyth. To new/future Slyths, I give this advice: don't be afraid to post in the CR. We don't bite...most of the time. (I'm kidding about that.)


    ~Remora (the hyper, random Slyth who likes big fonts and exclamation points)

    Have an e-marshmallow! ()_)

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    Welcome to the House of Salazar Slytherin

    Oh, what can I say about the House of Serpants that my housemates have not already said?

    For starters, I'm Haylee. When I joined the forums, I wondered around for a while before being sorted, then I found myself in the house of my dreams, Slytherin. I always thought I would be in Salazar's house, not because it's evil though. Still, I was reluctant to join my housemates. I lurked around the Common Room for a while before deciding to post in there. Once I had, my life changed.

    The people of Slytherin are the nicest and strangest people, who welcome newbies with open arms and huggles. We have our quirks, however. We also have a few clubs in our house: many of us are confessed Dramione addicts, myself included, and then there are the Cookie Eaters. of course. And I do believe that Cammie (Pepper Imp) hides Snape inside her closet.

    Should you decide to stumble into our Common Room, you may be surprised at what you find. Though typically sane in our conversations, you may very well come across a heated debate on subjects that are rather . . . opinionated, at times. You will find those that are killing Ron, protesting that Bella is simply misunderstood, and those that will profess for hours on end that Dramione could happen. But we won't bite you, and if we do, our venom is not poisonous. Just be sure to have correct elipses.

    We Slyths always have something going on. Around holidays, we ususally have a gift exchange of sorts. And then there is our beloved Snake Pit, which often gets pronounced Snape Pit in the CR, whom mrsmcllnt is the queen of. We also have the Slytherin Review Circle where we review our favorite Slytherin stories. Which has led to a fangirl or two . . .

    Whenever you need something, don't be afraid to ask your fellow Slyths. One of us is always around to talk or help. We in Slytherin are like a family, we really are. For those fair few that are very active inside our house, we are a rather close nit group, but we welcome new comers at all times.

    I think that's all. Well, I'm sure it's not but it's all I can think of. I hope to see you around in the home of green.


    -The resident Slytherin fangirl of NikkiSue.

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    The Slytherin Commons is like the Room of Requirement because whenever you need something you'll have it within the hour! (sorry, all of that Lion Love was wearing on my poor, withered nerves!)

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    Rhi for HP
    I've never posted here but thought I'd contribute a few thoughts on my favourite House...

    It's great to be a Slyth. It really is. Why?

    Well, the people (or should I say snakes?). Who else would make up the smallest House on the forums and yet consistently pwn in challenges and hold their own? Who else would hold conga parties furnished by tiramisu and green banners (you've got to love the green)? Who else would be so friendly? Slytherins, that's who.

    When I came to the forums I had never been to any other forums before and was, of course, completely lost. I didn't post for at least two months for fear I would mess up and someone would yell at me. Gradually I got over my fear (it helped to be Sorted so I could view more of the threads) and began to post here and there. But never in the Common Room. It was so...intimidating. Everyone knew each other. They were talking about things that had happened months earlier and I had no idea what those things were. Finally I guess I started posting in the CR... and realised everyone was nice, enthusiastic, and individuals. Kind of like stepping out of a corner at a friend's party: once you do so you meet great people and really enjoy yourself.

    It can be a bit of a disadvantage in House points, being the smallest House. But I wouldn't have it any other way. We work hard and the best part is that everyone knows everyone else by name. If I randomly PM someone just to chat it isn't awkward at all.

    Oh, and by the way, I'm a Slytherin through and through. If I'd been a 'Claw I wouldn't have minded but if I were to go to Hogwarts back when I was eleven the hat would have shouted Slytherin at once. I have all the Slyth traits. And I love green (why did I get stuck with blue eyes when my mom has amazing green eyes?!). I'm glad I'm in the right House...while I wait for my Hogwarts letter to come.

    ~Rhiannon (aka Rhi)

    P.S. Haha, it's just like Leah says: you can get anything instantly in the CR! If you ask for posts in your duelling thread you'll have five the next time you sign in.

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    Hey everyone. I just got my house results today and I was really suprised and a little disappointed but I guess I'll get over it. Your all right in saying that everyone is judgemental about Slytherin, myself included. I think, in the Harry Potter world, Slytherins are generally not very nice people but you all seem pretty nice to me. Ironically enough, my first story (that I started writing two nights ago) is partly about changing the the way Slytherin's act because in the books, you have to admit, they're not very nice. I'll post it where one of you said I should when/if it gets approved. I would love to see reviews if it gets up there. I also really appreciate constructive crittisism and tips so feel free to leave any. I'm only 13 and I don't really plan on being an author when I grow up *haha that sounds so childish...* but I love storywriting so i'll keep writing them if you want me to. If you do review it and you hate it don't send me mean PM or leave insulting comments. I wouldn't do that to you. Thanks for your time.
    P.S. I was wondering how to get to the common room. I'm sure it is in a really obvious place and I'll probably find it as soon as I post this haha but. . .
    I'm going to follow all of your advice and post around the site. Thanks for all of your help!!!

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    Just got my sorting results today and I am more than pleased to be a Slytherin! This is what I was hoping for! So hello there my fello Slyths!


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    Slytherin House.

    Hey everybody! I'm Stacey and I've just joined Slytherin House. So, I done the Sorting Quiz just last night and I woke up to find out I had been sorted into Slytherin. Honestly, I was so please. So.. Yeah. It's just brilliant to be in Slytherin.

    What exactly happens once you get sorted into a house here? l've been wondering about this for a while now and I would be so pleased if someone could tell me the answer through a personal message.

    Thanks very much.

    -- BeautifulDisasterX

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    naive Gryffindor fan who was UTTERLY SHOCKED at being sorted into Slytherin . . . . umm so where's the common room?

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