When I first joined the boards, it took me a while to get sorted. When I finally did get sorted, I was put into Slytherin. I was a little shocked at first, but I realized that one of the people I had already made friends with was sorted into Slytherin also. I started going into the Common Room, and I found that I really enjoyed hanging out with my fellow Slyths.

When any of us have problems, we can count on support from our fellow Slyths. Many people disappear for a while, but most people check back in. They just have so much fun and miss the comraderie when they don't have time to stop by.

We have fun with challenges, and the Gauntlet seems to really light a fire in all of us. I don't know if it is because they are run by our HOH or just so many of us have participated in the past, but the Common Room tends to really fill up with information on the Gauntlets when we are in the middle of a Gauntlet.

We have great banner makers and we advertise when we update stories. Usually that gets us reviews from fellow housemates. It is just a good time!