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Thread: The Serpents' Lair

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    The Serpents' Lair

    Welcome to the Serpents' Lair, where you can find all of the information you could ever want to know about Slytherin.

    This thread includes a history of the house along with comments and memories from it's current members.

    Or perhaps in Slytherin
    You'll make your real friends
    Those cunning folk use any means
    To achieve their ends.

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    Aaaaah Slytherin.

    Slytherin is just a whirlwind. It really is, I've been in this house for quite a long time. I think I started here in June of last year. Everyone from Slytherin is just great, we're all just a bunch of weirdo's at times and we're quite the cunning little people.

    We have quite a few secrets hidden within our dungeons. Our Head of House at the moment is MithrilQuill and our Prefect is Lycanthropist. They are very friendly and so are all the Slyths.

    Our house mascot is Tiramisu the Fox. Whenever theres a special occasion tiramisu is always handed out it's a special tradtion. We also tend to be very spammy in our common room at times. In the common room you can talk about basically whatever you feel like. Just dont spam in it. We also have Christmas parties and just tend to have slushie fests at random moments. The Conga line is also quite popular around Slytherin.

    We're really just a fun bunch of people and are very welcoming to all people.

    Now the story of how I gopt sorted into Slytherin, it's quite an experience. Well, like everyone else I took he sorting quiz and blah blah blah. Did I really expect to be in Slytherin? No. It was the definatly not my first choice. I wanted to be either a Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. When I saw that I was a Slyth I really did not know what to think. I was a bit dissapointed actually but how wrong I was. Now that I look back to it wouldn't rather be in any other house. I have made SOOOO many great friends in Slytherin. We really do have the most fun, we're a bunch of quite cunning and sneaky group of people. *hee hee* Well we like top have our jokes...


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    Roop wasn't kidding when she said that Slytherin is a whirlwind. We have so much going on every day that it can look quite overwhelming to someone who is signing on to the Slytherin forums! My suggestion is to (once you mingle around here and get to know how things work) hit up the common room. Introduce yourself and you will be BLOWN AWAY on how many people will talk to you! If you bring chocolate, that will up your chances by a good 20 percent.

    My Slytherin beginnings... I was sorted on 7-15-06. I was informed about my sorting by my cousin who happens to be a Hufflepuff. Needless to say she was mortified and, for a brief period, so was I. Now I am known as the Slytherin Mom. (I've accepted my fate.)

    We're here to help.

    Oh and ask one of us where the Conga is. Its a good place to have lots of fun with your Slyth family... Just keep Elle away from the tree.

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    First and foremonst, I'm going to start off by saying that all the prejudiceness about the House of Salazar Slytherin is COMPLETLY UNTRUE! Here in the color green, we do not hate Gryffindors, Ravenclaws or Hufflepuffs, nor do we try to get points taken away from them in any way.

    I was entirly shocked when I saw the green Slytherin below my name, but now that I've accepted it and thought about it, it's the only house that makes sense for me! It's perfect.

    Each house has it's own mascot, and funny/stupid/weird things that only members of that house will understand. For example: The Mangarro banner in my signature (now my avatar), what Nikki said about keeping Elle away from trees, and Abbi being nicknamed the grinch, even though, she is the farthest thing from that! (all of this, by the way, originated in the Conga). We all have a great time being in Slytherin, and even though were vastly outnumbered (at least I think we are), we try to put up a strong fight for the house cup!

    I belive this was said before, but I'll say it again anyways, Slytherins have Tirimisu the Fox as our mascot, but don't forget the snake! Every other house has one too Ravenclaws are the Turnips, Gryffindors have a toaster and Hufflepuffs are known as the Badgers! I'm not sure where the Fox came from, but Tirimisu (which I've been dying to try ever since being on here) is Jason Isaics (Lucious Malfoy)'s favorite dessert sooo......yea!

    I promise, everyone in Slytherin will be a great friend! Our Easter party in the Conga room will get going soon, so hurry up and ask one of us for the link! CONGA CONGA CONGA!


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    Hi, to let you know, I'm Abbi!

    Anyways, like everyone has said so far, Slytherin ROCKS! We have soooooo much fun and NO ONE is judgemental. Everyone is really nice and if you're sad, you're garanteed to have 10 PM's from everyone asking if you're okay, do you want to talk, etc etc.

    Alot of you will be wondering what "The Conga" is. Last Christmas we were having a great time in our CR (Common Room - I'll put down below our lingo) spamming and party-ing when we realised that we needed somewhere to party without getting in trouble for spamming. So I went and created a website for us to party on and now we go crazy! (Our last party was around 250 posts in about 4 days!)

    We also have on "the conga" a bunch of other things and we have a plotting table to talk challenges, the Quidditch challenge, etc. Basically, it's a site to have fun and spam as much as you like and not get in trouble.

    Regarding our Common Room, don't be scared to post. There is NO WAY anyone can be as worse as me (let's say I was completley random) when introducing themselves and all us Slytherins love having newbies!!! If you feel too shy at all, PM one of us and we'll introduce you!

    If you ever have questions, don't hesistate to us one of us via PM or the Common Room. If we can't answer, we'll refer you to the best person who can! And if you want to ask questions un-related to MNFF, we're here to help! I tend to be online practically every day so I'm always happy to answer them! Need a banner? Plenty of us. Need a beta or opinions? No better people to ask!

    Like everyone has said, we're a really nice bunch and we love to have fun! Everyone is really nice and I don't think you could ever meet such a nicer bunch of people! Well, maybe you could in the other houses, I don't know, but still! It's my point!

    So yeah, like Roop (nysuperstarz) said, it's really the best expirience here. Most of you are probably in shock that you're in Slytherin, but to be very honest, it's the best!


    EDIT: Okay, so I kinda forgot our lingo! Heh, whoops!

    OMS - Oh My Salazar
    Mangaroos - Kangaroo's in which at our Christmas party Cassie (POTCgirl1337) accidently spelt as "Mangaroo".
    Tiramisu - Our food mascot
    The fox - Our other animal mascot; his name is Tiramisu!
    The "Slushies" - the mascot drinks (we have every flavour, including the soon-to-be released Character-flavour drinks; One of the girl's ideas!)
    Pooky - Bellatrix Lestrange's house-elf we stole for our party (beware, she likes her slushies!)
    Skippy & Gippy - two of our Mangaroos that love to hang out at our parties! (by the way, they are dating)
    Joey - Cassie's Mangaroo that she tends to dance with a lot at the Conga
    Conga - Our website

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    Skippy & Gippy - two of our Mangaroos that love to hang out at our parties!
    hem hem, its Skippy and Joey, or is there a Gippy too? I forget!

    I'm adding to the other ones, I know I already posted before, not a problem, is it? Just about the suprisingness of being sorted into Slytherin, most of us, I think were suprised to see Slytherin pop up under our name, but after you here for a week or two, you realize that you really a a Slyth at heart! That's what happened to me at least, this place is now my home away from home!

    And you should never be bored, it's true that we, of everyone, go through the most common rooms! And our Conga adds on to that! So again, I hope you enjoy being in Slytherin!

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    Hey everyone. I just got my house results today and I was really suprised and a little disappointed but I guess I'll get over it. Your all right in saying that everyone is judgemental about Slytherin, myself included. I think, in the Harry Potter world, Slytherins are generally not very nice people but you all seem pretty nice to me. Ironically enough, my first story (that I started writing two nights ago) is partly about changing the the way Slytherin's act because in the books, you have to admit, they're not very nice. I'll post it where one of you said I should when/if it gets approved. I would love to see reviews if it gets up there. I also really appreciate constructive crittisism and tips so feel free to leave any. I'm only 13 and I don't really plan on being an author when I grow up *haha that sounds so childish...* but I love storywriting so i'll keep writing them if you want me to. If you do review it and you hate it don't send me mean PM or leave insulting comments. I wouldn't do that to you. Thanks for your time.
    P.S. I was wondering how to get to the common room. I'm sure it is in a really obvious place and I'll probably find it as soon as I post this haha but. . .
    I'm going to follow all of your advice and post around the site. Thanks for all of your help!!!

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    Just got my sorting results today and I am more than pleased to be a Slytherin! This is what I was hoping for! So hello there my fello Slyths!


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    Slytherin House.

    Hey everybody! I'm Stacey and I've just joined Slytherin House. So, I done the Sorting Quiz just last night and I woke up to find out I had been sorted into Slytherin. Honestly, I was so please. So.. Yeah. It's just brilliant to be in Slytherin.

    What exactly happens once you get sorted into a house here? l've been wondering about this for a while now and I would be so pleased if someone could tell me the answer through a personal message.

    Thanks very much.

    -- BeautifulDisasterX

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    Daughter of Voldemort
    Wow, it sure is great to find out my house! Honestly, I'm honored to be a Slytherin. Hey to any others out there.

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