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Thread: The Eagles' Nest

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    I just joined a whle ago, I think last weekend, and I am happyto say-I really love it here.

    I love my house (always have, even before the MMFF), and I love our mascot (but who doesn't love turnips?), and so far, I really like the Ravenclaws and the discussions going on in the CR. I'm so excited to get involved in everyone else's exciment.

    I'm just extremely happy to be included in the MMFF fun and I'm proud to be a sprout-turnip! *waves awesome 'Claw flag*

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    Well my name's Phia and I am a proud Turnip. I have been, ever since I was a Sprout.

    Our House is amazing. It is truly a wonderful place where I feel completely at home. Yes, we are slightly looney, yes also a little off-topic. We have recently found that there is a boys' dormitory and that there is a Rutabaga in the House.

    But the best thing about being a Claw is that you know you have a bunch of friends, bordering on family, that will look after you and love you and listen to you and encourage you. Ravenclaw Tower is a place to be crazy in public, to chat (as long as you keep an eye out for the Marble Egg of Doom), to write and to read, and most of all to be loved.

    It is my place to escape when RL gets tough.

    Thankyou Ravenclaw, and thankyou MNFF.

    Love Phia

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    WOOO !

    *streaks through CR waving Ravenclaw banner*

    Mmm, not so much, but I'm definitely a proud Claw. I've been a member for a year now, and I suppose I'm more of a lurker than anything. But don't fear, little Sprouts! On many levels, I'm proabably still a Sprout too.

    You'll soon meet some of our house's regular posters and learn of their quirky personalities... *cough cough* And us Claws have some great in-house challenges as well as games and discussions.

    So my advice to the newbies would be to dive in headfirst. Enter a contest, set up a drabble thread or order a banner; do something to get active and involved on the boards. They really are fun (and sometimes, extremely addicting -- whether or not you're actually posting).

    lurky! pm to keep in contact please!

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    As some of you already know my name is James. I am a proud 'Claw. I am 15 going on 16 in about three months. I am really crazy (like my whole family, my brother and I figure there are only two types of crazy in my family), but I laugh at really stupid jokes. If any of you ever talk to me never ask where my sanity is I'll only say I never had it. I love anime shows, and HP of course. I am a big Star Wars freak, and a big game freak (my brother and I have figured out a timeline to a game that the creators haven't made yet). And that is all I think about myself for now. Mwa HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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    Hi. I am Tonks. I just got sorted yesterday so I dont know if I am officially Ravenclaw yet. I know I am in, but I don't have access to common room, etc. Que?

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    Hi, I am Alyssa, and I like so many others, am a sprout. I am new to our house but I am quickly getting used to it. Anyone new will find out that they love our house soon enough. It is a really fun place, that you will find challenges in (if you look in our house you will find one right now), and many friends. Though, fellow sprouts, be forwarned that we all act alittle crazy once and a while.


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    Um, Hi? I just got sorted into Ravenclaw today (no big surprise, no matter what quiz I take, I'm ALWAYS a Ravenclaw). So I guess that makes me a, sprout, did they call it? Sweet.

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    Hi! I'm Kaitlin, and I am proud to be a turnip. I am primarily a performer. I look forward to getting to know all of you!

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    I cannot believe that I have not posted in this thread yet... Gaahhh!

    Anyway, I am Azhure, a sixteen-year-old turnip. And I remember what it's like when you first join the forums. I was completely confused! I suppose everyone is confused to start off with, though. My key for getting through that overwhelming stage is one thing: don't be afraid to ask questions. The Ravenclaws are always willing to help out newcomers, and we don't bite if you join in with our discussions!

    Although we do get a little crazy sometimes, we are kept in line by our wonderful Head of House, Julie (myownmuggle), and our amazing Prefect, Tash (Pondering)!

    There's always something fun going on in the 'Claw tower, and I'm sure you'll feel right at home!


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    Congratulations, because if you are reading this thread, so either have been Sorted into or are hoping for Ravenclaw. And let me say, you could not be luckier.

    I have been a proud turnip for some time now and I just loves all our 'Claws to death. We are a crazy bunch of people (we're all Luna Lovegoods at heart, we consider her our patron saint), but we are also some incredibly deep people. Our common room chats can range from anything from the genetics behind magical abilities, to the Christ-like standing J.K. assigned to Luna Lovegood, or even just how mad we are that the HBP movie was delayed until July! (Still fuming about that one).

    And not only do we love our ideas, we take good care of them. All too often, we come up with a wonderful story in our heads, but just can't find ourselves able to write it for whatever reason. But do we abondon them? NO! We built a shiny new adoption center where our little abstract concepts can be well cared for until another Ravenclaw falls in love with it and take it to give it a good home. (Although secretly we always die a little on the inside when we have to give up one of our babies.)

    But don't be shy, jump on in right away, and you will find yourself more than welcome.

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