Hello all!

My, it's been awhile. I was very active on this site 3-4 years ago, and then, I disappeared into college life (again) and original fiction. I've just recently gotten back into fan fiction (Snape-centered, of course), and am happy to be back!

I am also glad that I was able to get back into Ravenclaw, where I had some of my fondest memories during that time period.

So, who am I?

I'm Vorona (stress on the first, not second, syllable). I'm a huge Snape fan, but I can assure you, I have never used a drool rag. I also really like theorizing. I've won second place in two challenges here (the very first Gauntlet challenge, and the Patronus challenge), and posted a number of one-shots. I take writing in general very seriously, but I'm beginning to take fan fiction a little less seriously, since the standards, even with a moderated site, aren't quite as high, and it's fun to work on something that I can share without revising it thirty million times.

I'm a language geek, but I am not a grammar nazi. I love grammar, but to me, if something works, even if it's not grammatically correct, it's good, and sometimes, great effects can be had by deliberately smudging the rules. I also think there is a lot more to "good writing" than just making sure the commas are all in the right places. That said, I hope to be an English teacher in the US, as I want to encourage more people to write. I imagine I will use fan fiction as a teacher, both because I think it is a good way to get kids interested in writing, and because it offers a great forum for discussing things like intellectual freedom and plagiarism. Of course, I will be more of a grammar nazi in my classroom, but I will still encourage free, fun writing that can be polished, rather than expecting error-free first drafts. I'm going to college again to get my teaching certificate (I have a B.A. in French and Russian, and an M.A. in French), and I am 33 years old, but I feel more like 20-something, since I'm still in college. I have more in common with my younger college acquaintances than most people my own age who've already gotten settled into a family and career.

Well, I think that's enough for now -- it's really great to be back in Ravenclaw!