Hello, fellow Sprout!

First: WHAT THE HECK IS DRABBLE?????!!!!!!!!
A drabble is a short story, generally 500 words or less (unless otherwise specified by a particular challenge or contest). It gives you just enough room to develop your character a bit, plus set up a little snapshot of a moment. For good examples, check out The Three Broomsticks, which is basically drabble central.

Second: How do you write drabble?
Well, I'd say you take either a prompt from a drabble challenge or just an idea that you want to write for fun and go from there. Generally, you want to use plot bunnies (little sparks of inspiration or idea) that are too small to be complete stories but able to stand by themselves. Then just start writing.

Typically, you don't want to go into too much detail in your drabble, as you find that you go over your word count limit too fast. That was my main problem when I started. I would set out to write 500 words and end up with 1500. Keep it simple and choose your words wisely, because sometimes one word can say more than a whole sentence's worth of different words.

Lastly, if you wish, have someone look it over for spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors (SPaG). We have several wonderful beta readers (those who specialise in proofreading things like grammar, plot, and characterisation) in The Beta Guild section (all of whom have taken a test that verifies their qualifications as a beta), as well as the Beta Services for Sale or Rent section of the forum. Generally, most betas will return your drabbles within a day or two, since they're the simplest form of writing and don't take that long to correct. You can also just leave an open request for anyone who wants to help you in the Beta Wanted section, and the beta who responds will provide a link to their beta thread, where you can make a request using the form they provide at the beginning of the thread.

Finally: What do you do with it?
Well, if you're writing it for a contest in The Three Broomsticks (TTB), you post it in the contest thread, using the form (which is usually Username, House, Title, Word Count, Rating/Warnings, and Author's Note) provided. Typically, you want to put your drabble in a Quote Box, as it helps keep everything nice and tidy.

If it's something that you are just writing for fun, you can set up your very own drabble thread in TTB! If you'd like an example of one, click on the link in my signature for my drabble thread, and that's a pretty decent example. Others can comment on your work, offer suggestions, or just tell you how much they loved it! Writing drabbles does so much for your writing on a whole, plus it gives you the chance to write about a larger variety of subjects without monopolising your time like one-shots (single chapter stories) or multi-chaptered stories can and tend to do.

I hope that this answers your questions, and if you have any more, feel free to PM me, reply to this post, or even visit Ravenclaw Tower. We tend to not bite the newbies.

Perhaps I shall see you around the drabble contests or maybe your own thread!