I can't believe I haven't posted here yet :O

So. Ravenclaw.

It's been a year and a month since I've joined the forums and, consequently, Ravenclaw. Ravenclaw is such a nice place. I wasn't really that scared to jump in *.* I saw the discussion they were having in the CR and participated. I've stopped doing that though, because I never have anything to say anymore --'

I remember that Miki/emily_the_poet PM'd me, and we talked for a while after that (: My first contact in Ravenclaw, yay xD

I have reallyyy good friends in Ravenclaw. I used to talk a lot to Tash, but since she became a Prefect and, now, Head of House, she won't come down of her pedestal to talk to us (Just kidding, Tash *hugs*)

Also, Ravenclaw is such a fun place to be in. In Christmas and in New Year, we have a PARTY *squee*. We have this amazing game called 'Guess The Turnip' and I've only managed to win once *.* Yay.

We used to have the 'Ravenclaw Summer of Love', an amazing thread to spread the love all around Ravenclaw but it's gone D:

We also have random parties, like the one we're having at the moment.

Oh, and when it's time for a QWC ? You don't wanna know. We're on the second thread of the tactics room now Yeahh.

All in all, Ravenclaw is definitely the best place to be in. I couldn't have been sorted into a better House