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Thread: The Badgers' Set

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    Hello to all Puffs out there (or in here, whatever... ). I've been sorted into Hufflepuff, too, and was at first disappointed (like many others before me). I'd really wanted to go into any other house, most of all Gryffindor (I read the story about their mascot - a toaster - and found it utterly hilarious ). But then I went over my sorting quiz answers again - and must say that's what I really am: a Hufflepuff at heart !

    I'm still not added to the user group (just received my result yesterday), but I'm really looking forward to see all my fellow housemates in the CR. I already plan to add a few points to my new house in entering the Prologue Challenge. As of now I don't know if my story will win any place, but hey... I love writing, fanfiction, HP and books in general. So I'm sure that I'll find soulmates around this forum. Alone the upcoming experience is worth being here.

    So, hope to see you all very soon,
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    Welcome to the greatest of houses. Once you are added to the user group, come and join us in the Common Room. I know you will have fun and make lots of friends.
    See you in the CR soon.
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    Hey everyone! I thought it was a bit weird that i'm a proud Puff and haven't posted here, so here i am, ready to tell you all why Hufflepuff just plain rocks

    Like every single other Hufflepuff, i wasn't too happy at first about being a Hufflepuff. I wasn't disappointed, but i wasn't happy. My PM said "You've been Sorted into Hufflepuff!" and i kind of went, "Oh". And to any new Hufflepuffs who are disappointed - i know many of you will be considering signing up again for a new house - don't be upset. Once you get into the common room, you'll be cursing yourself for almost losing out on this.

    Ah, the common room First off, we have so many great things to help out new users. Like the Hufflepuff Helpline, where you post a question and a Hufflepuff will give you a friendly answer The common room is where everything happens, like any special in-house contests. Then you'll find the Hufflepuff Game Room. That's a kind of new addition to the common room, and it's filled with games that our Badgers and our Prefect (Roxy) thought up. Once you get into it, you'll find yourself spending all your time in there You'll love it there. We all laugh a lot and you'll find out how much you have in common with us all, and just why you're a Hufflepuff.

    I think the reason why Hufflepuff is considered the "lesser" house is because our traits aren't like, obvious. Like, when asked to describe yourself, you might say "brave" or "amibitious", but you don't say "Loyal". That's what's so great about us. We have the underlying traits, the things that we have without really knowing. Because you don't always think, "Hey, i'm loyal," or "I'm hard-working", you just do it.

    So don't be sad that you're in Hufflepuff. It's an amazing house, and full of amazing people. I've had so many great times in Hufflepuff, and met so many great people! You'll have a great time.


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    Sorting is an eye-opener. And really, lovedansblue eyes, you will find we are as good as any of the other houses. Hufflepuff might not be spotlit in the books or movies, but the Hufflepuff House isn't one of the Four as a filler. We have our own distinguished qualities.
    Hang in there and you'll discover them-- in us and in yourself!

    And by the way, your banner is much too big, hon! The limits are 500 pixels wide and 300 pixels high for your entire signature. Right click on your image, click Properties, and you'll be able to gauge your signature size. This includes text.

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    This is true. At first, I was really upset because I wanted to be in Ravenclaw but you have alot of really amazing people in Hufflepuff and we're just as good as any of the other houses!

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    Hello my fellow Puffs.

    Those of you who weren't expecting to be sorted into the most amazing house on the forum, you should be glad, we've just won the House Cup, so everyone is in good sipirts and having lots of fun.

    A way, I recommend, to fit into the house is to have a look in the Games Room, join in a few games, people will start to recognise your name and that your an active member of the house. We appreciate that just because you were disappointed your not abandoning us.

    Also join in a few challenges and earn some points, we are all very friendly and will help you out whenever you need us to do so.

    Have fun in Hufflepuff


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    *Looks around and finds out that she hasn't posted here at all*

    Okay, hello, there! I'm Pooja. I've been around for a really long time- I joined in May 2006, and MNFF is a part of my life, now. Being a Badger is nothing short of honour to me, though, because I know that we're the best house here.

    What makes me so fond of Hufflepuff is the people. They're very helpful, sweet, polite, talkative and fun! They're very loving too! You might come in here depressed, have a chat with a Badger, get tightly tacklehuggled and finally leave with cheer filled in your mind.

    The Hufflepuff Common Room is very nice, too. You can rest in the Game Room, meet your fellow Badgers and have FUN!!!

    So, don't feel bad or sorry if you're in Hufflepuff. It's definitely the best!
    ~ Pooja

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    Hello Other Puffs!

    I saw my past post here, but was appalled, so I deleted and have now rewritten it! Huzza!

    I'm bling_baby, but I'll admit I'm not too pleased with it - don't ask why I thought it up in the first place - so please call me Kathleen!

    So what can I tell you little newbies about the amazingness that is Hufflepuff? Well, everyone is so close and it is such an active house! There's no other site where the community is this good. There are games - Wes is quite right in saying that she's a whizz at the Guess Who; we spent ages guessing one of hers and she guesses the next one in two posts, only to have now added another hard one, so I implore more Bagders to take on the challenge!

    Also there's the Bagder Bar, where you can just chill out and chat with everyone. I would definitely recommend answering the TQs and checking it out regularly, as there is also a lot of news about what's going on mentioned that you might have missed out on...

    Congratulations on becoming a Puff, newbies. Feel free to PM me about any problems, as I have managed to sort out my own multitude of problems when I started!

    Kathleen x x x

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    Hello everyone! This is majestic_ginny, or you can simply call me Nadia! I've not been here for a long time, but this place already feels like home!

    Te best thing about being here on the forums is that I'm a 'Puff! Okay, like everyone, I was a bit disappointed that I was made a Hufflepuff. I even considered retaking the quiz! But then I thought that okay, I'll give the house a try. After that I went into our common-room, and I instantly slapped myself mentally for thinking about retaking the quiz! It is really awesome here!

    Well, all the Hufflepuffs are incredibly nice. If anyone's having any problem, you can ask any fellow 'puff to help you. We won't snap at you, promise! Every single person here is extremely friendly, and really helpful. The best thing is the game-room, where you can relax and play! I can be seen aroung the Guess Who thread mostly.

    Once again, our house is really great, and everyone is really good. I consider myself lucky that I am a Hufflepuff!


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    James Jameson
    Kay yall. I'm posting in here to tell you to never fear, if you're in the puffs.
    You don't need to be afraid of anyone there but me (just kidding... I'm *always* friendly, even if I use Caps Lock a lot).

    I'm almost certain that everyone (with the exception of Schmergo) who is Sorted into Hufflepuff is at first like: What?! I thought that I was brave, or smart, or cunning/evil. In the first book, and through the other books as well, we don't hear much about the Hufflepuffs and they aren't really associated with any certain trait.

    But being Sorted into Hufflepuff here has opened my eyes. At first I honestly was like: "Well THAT was lame," but I went to the common room and I saw the friendly shade of goldish yellow there. We're pretty mellow, and I like the yellow much more than the red, which I find kinda intimidating, or the green, which idk, I found to be not a welcoming colour for me, personally. The blue didn't really say much, but the yellow was warm and inviting.

    The more time I spent there, and the more friends I made in Hufflepuff, the more I realized that we do have a trait: we're the BEST! LOL I'm kidding, really. We're a great fun bunch of under-the-radar kids who are all very friendly (with the exception of me... sometimes... lol jk) and loyal to each other. Two of my very best friends are in that House with me, living miles and miles away. But being Puffs, we truly stick up for each other. I'm going through rough patches in my life, and these two wonderful people are always just a PM away. We're a loyal bunch of kids, we puffs.

    You'll meet people you'll never forget ever, and you'll love every minute of it. I promise forever.

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