Hello to all Puffs out there (or in here, whatever... ). I've been sorted into Hufflepuff, too, and was at first disappointed (like many others before me). I'd really wanted to go into any other house, most of all Gryffindor (I read the story about their mascot - a toaster - and found it utterly hilarious ). But then I went over my sorting quiz answers again - and must say that's what I really am: a Hufflepuff at heart !

I'm still not added to the user group (just received my result yesterday), but I'm really looking forward to see all my fellow housemates in the CR. I already plan to add a few points to my new house in entering the Prologue Challenge. As of now I don't know if my story will win any place, but hey... I love writing, fanfiction, HP and books in general. So I'm sure that I'll find soulmates around this forum. Alone the upcoming experience is worth being here.

So, hope to see you all very soon,