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Thread: The Badgers' Set

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    Well hello there badgers! Welcome to Hufflepuff!

    I love Hufflepuff! -squeezes- Like most everyone (except for dear Schmergo, I see...) I was a bit dissapointed to get sorted into Hufflepuff. You know why, because (If you're a shiny new badger) you're probably feeling the same way right now. But don't be! The people here are amazing! I'm pretty new here, too, and all of my fellow Badgers have been friendly and welcoming. They don't even mind my stupid questions! And so far, I haven't been told off for being completely insane, so that's a plus too!

    Helpfull Hint #1: Pace yourself. If you're fairly new to the forums, and you want to start getting into beta-ing or making banners, don't go and line yourself up a dozen beta-ees or banners to make- you'll just feel overwhelmed, and you'll end up having to send several 'sorry, I was a bit silly in the head when I offered my services to you earlier..' PM's to people.

    Helpfull Hint #2: Our wonderfull Head of House and our dazzling Prefect are here to help! Don't be afraid to ask them questions.

    Currently, (as of November 16th) we're in first place for the House Cup. THAT'S AMAZING! We'll win, for sure. But, you know it's not all about winning the house cup and geating to gloat for awhile. (Ahem... Right. Mmmhmmm... ) IT's about getting to know your fellow obbsessors and having fun!

    In our busy Common Room, we've got tons of threads, such as: "I Challenge Thee" Where you get to challenge someone to write a drabble of your picking (which is great fun, might I add! You never know what's going to get thrown at you!) "The Hufflepuff Library" Where your fellow Hufflepuff's stories are listed. Don't forget to add your own!! "The Badger Burrow" Where you answer questions and chat aimlessly with other Hufflepuffs. "The Head of House's headquarters" Where you can learn about your new house and ask Elysa, our Head, questions. "Stick With a Slyth" Where we are currently being paired up with Slytherins for a House Unity Project! "Badger Birthdays" run by lovely NikkolaPotter, where a list of Hufflepuff birthdays can be found. A "Badger Review Circle" Where you... review. and then there's the on-going Neville story. We've got a chapter up on MNFF already!! We've also got a monthly challenge (run by moi and the lovely Clara) which is great- drabble and banners and all sorts of stuff.

    Well, new badgers, that's pretty much the gist of it. I know you'll love Hufflepuff- I do!


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    Hi, I'm a new Hufflepuff too..Badgers rock! I hope i'll see you guys around some time

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    Welcome, newbies!

    I'm so happy to see a whole boat-load full of new 'Puffs! Not that I'm old...
    Anyhow, I can't wait to see you all in the CR. There are so many great things to do there. I would reccommend introducing yourself first. Then, check out the I Challenge Thee thread where you can challenge other people to write drabbles (short stories) of your choice. It's super fun!


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    *figures she should take a badgers role in this thread now*

    Hey guys and welcome to Hufflepuff!

    I'm Roxy and I'm the one who looks after this program, but I'm also Hufflepuff Prefect!
    Firstly I'd like to thank everyone who's said nice things in this thread because it really makes me proud to know how much you all enjoy being part of this house.

    We do get a lot of new members who think "Oh great, I'm in Hufflepuff. I really wanted to be in Ravenclaw, or Gryffindor! I don't even think I'd mind being in Slytherin, but Hufflepuff? Even Ron Weasley turned his nose up at it before he was sorted. Oh well, I guess I'd better check it out" but of course that's the most important part. Once you've checked us out you'll understand why you've been placed with us.

    Hufflepuff is a party house! We spend a lot of time playing games, having competitions and just generally enjoying ourselves. We have our own joint fiction where everyone gets to write together, a newspaper which is filled with fun things to do and read, a common room to chat (but make sure you answer the questions first) and plenty more.

    We're quite a loving house, a proper little community, so it isn't hard to make friends. Elysa and I watch over you all and make sure you don't get into trouble so if you have any problems, don't hesitate to come and talk to one of us. We're always at the other end of the PM system and we have threads in the House that are specifically for your questions and suggestions.

    Hufflepuffs are also quite connected, there is no reason why you have to stay within the confines of the house! Once you've found your feet there are plenty of ways to meet new people and find new challenges outside of the Badger's Set. Whether you want to sign up for one of the Hogwarts Classes, join in with the Gauntlet, explore the Hospital Wing or reccomend a fiction, there is a whole world of fanfiction that you are only just starting to discover!

    So welcome to the house that has it all! We are brave, clever, cunning, loyal, loving, excitable, enjoyable, often crazy, and just generally an interesting bunch. I hope to get to know you all soon.
    ~ Roxy Black

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    Hello all,
    I've just been made a Hufflepuff myself, too! I kinda expacted it and I was quite glad, as it is a house of friendly and helpful people!
    I'm still very confuzed about the forums, I can't see our house and stuff. Is that just me, will it all come eventually?
    Anyhow, I really can't wait to get started here and get to know you all!

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    Hey there!
    I was rather glad when I got into Hufflepuff, and now I see that I was right... no, it's even better than I thought! You fellow Hufflepuffs are the most amazing people on any forum I ever visited! I'm still very new to everything and just getting used, but can already feel the unity and greatness of it! So welcome and congrats to all of us new Puffs. I hope that made sence.

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    Hello Fellow 'Puffs.
    Of course, I am new to this house.
    And probably just like most other people, there's disappoint being in this house.

    I am neither brave, cunning or smart.
    No matter.[:
    From all of the posts I read so far, we're probably the coolest house out there.

    Can't wait to meet all of your new spectacular kids.
    Sorry if you're not even a kid,
    It's habit to classify everyone as a kid.
    And aren't we all kids at heart?

    currently chasin' paper

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    Hi, I was sorted into Hufflepuff and am totally excited. This was like last thursday or friday and today is tuesday, and I still can't find the common room. I don't know if I'm just not looking in the right place or it's just not there yet, but I'd really like to see all the cool stuff that I've heard is in there. Can someone please help me?

    Also, one more question, I've noticed that under my username it says 'In the rubble at Godric's Hollow', but some people's are different. How do change it? (Sorry if this question has been asked a billion times already but I want to know, please)

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    Welcome, Mudblood_and_Proud_of_it (sorry, I don't know your name)! I'm so glad that you are sorted into Hufflepuff; you haven't even seen the and you already have that house unity feeling! Trust me, Hufflepuff is the right place for you. You'll have an amazing time with us, the loyal badgers! Will see you in the CR soon!

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    BE Evans
    Hey there, Hufflepuffs! Well, I'm not currently a Badger, but I was many moons ago. Seriously, if you are totally psyched about being in Hufflepuff, you should be! Some of the greatest people you will ever know are in this house! I hope to be joining you soon, if the lovely Elysa will allow me to come back. Be just give the Badgers a chance, I'm sure you'll be glad you did!

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