Well hello there badgers! Welcome to Hufflepuff!

I love Hufflepuff! -squeezes- Like most everyone (except for dear Schmergo, I see...) I was a bit dissapointed to get sorted into Hufflepuff. You know why, because (If you're a shiny new badger) you're probably feeling the same way right now. But don't be! The people here are amazing! I'm pretty new here, too, and all of my fellow Badgers have been friendly and welcoming. They don't even mind my stupid questions! And so far, I haven't been told off for being completely insane, so that's a plus too!

Helpfull Hint #1: Pace yourself. If you're fairly new to the forums, and you want to start getting into beta-ing or making banners, don't go and line yourself up a dozen beta-ees or banners to make- you'll just feel overwhelmed, and you'll end up having to send several 'sorry, I was a bit silly in the head when I offered my services to you earlier..' PM's to people.

Helpfull Hint #2: Our wonderfull Head of House and our dazzling Prefect are here to help! Don't be afraid to ask them questions.

Currently, (as of November 16th) we're in first place for the House Cup. THAT'S AMAZING! We'll win, for sure. But, you know it's not all about winning the house cup and geating to gloat for awhile. (Ahem... Right. Mmmhmmm... ) IT's about getting to know your fellow obbsessors and having fun!

In our busy Common Room, we've got tons of threads, such as: "I Challenge Thee" Where you get to challenge someone to write a drabble of your picking (which is great fun, might I add! You never know what's going to get thrown at you!) "The Hufflepuff Library" Where your fellow Hufflepuff's stories are listed. Don't forget to add your own!! "The Badger Burrow" Where you answer questions and chat aimlessly with other Hufflepuffs. "The Head of House's headquarters" Where you can learn about your new house and ask Elysa, our Head, questions. "Stick With a Slyth" Where we are currently being paired up with Slytherins for a House Unity Project! "Badger Birthdays" run by lovely NikkolaPotter, where a list of Hufflepuff birthdays can be found. A "Badger Review Circle" Where you... review. and then there's the on-going Neville story. We've got a chapter up on MNFF already!! We've also got a monthly challenge (run by moi and the lovely Clara) which is great- drabble and banners and all sorts of stuff.

Well, new badgers, that's pretty much the gist of it. I know you'll love Hufflepuff- I do!