(part one)

Ah, November, month of bonfires, remembrance and coughs and colds - in UK anyway.

Your challenge for the next two weeks is to write a drabble from the point of view of an OC (yes, really) who is working in St. Mungos. Whilst they are there, they come into contact with a patient. Somewhere along the way, your OC changes things for the patient.

  • The patient must be a canon character.
  • The patient must be able to have a conversation with your OC.
  • Any character, any era, any ward.

A note about drabbles. You are allowed to use a beta (we beg you to use a beta) because it’s always a great shame when we read fantastic drabbles but have to discount them because of SPaG errors.

All drabbles should be between 300-500 words. All MNFF guidelines must be followed.


Participation - 5 points (that's per entrant not entry)
First – 15 points
Second – 10 points
Third – 5 points

The barmaids reserve the right to award more or less points and places depending on the quality of the drabbles. We have not cake-womaned anyone yet, but it could very well happen. **

Use this form for your entry:

PHP Code:
B]Word Count:[/B]
This competition will close on Thursday 15th November at 9PM.

Good Luck!

~Madam Carmerta~

** And just what is 'cake-womaning'? The explanation is here.