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Thread: Cho Chang

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    miss padfoot
    How do you think Cho would react to being trapped by a DE and then put under the Cruciatus Curse? Besides the physical damage what do you think would happen to her mental state? What about her would change from a traumatic experience?
    I think she would probably be reminded a lot about Cedric. We saw in OotP how she was crying often about his death and being trapped by a DE would just rub salt in the wounds. She might try and put up a fight -- she was in the DA, after all -- but after a point of time, like after about a few days, I think she might just give up. I can see her crying a lot and more than the physical pain that she might endure because of the Cruciatus Curse, I think the mental pain would be more.

    Being trapped by a DE would make her feel worse about Cedric dying because now she knows how exactly it feels (though Cedric wasn't exactly trapped by a DE ) I think such an experience might make her a bit more devoted to Harry's cause because now she knows it first-hand how it feels, and maybe she might become a bit more loyal to Harry.

    As regards to what about her might change, I don't think she would be able to come out of such a trauma very easily. Cedric's death took more than a year for her to sink in and accept it and she still can't look at Harry in the eye. She seems to take her time in coming out of shells and return to normal life, and so such an experience would definitely be really hard on her. She might even go into a depression of sorts and I think she won't be able to lead a normal life thereafter. I can see her just dwelling on the past and let the past eat her up.

    Hope that helped!

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    Phoebe Gruzelieur
    Would Cho become a Death Eater?
    Absolutely no! I don't think Cho's the sort of person who ever would do that sort of thing. I think she's too honest and concerned for other people. I always see her as being a bit moody and used to her own way but there's a BIG differance between loosing you temper and going up and down quite a bit to becoming a Death Eater, surely? And also, she was in her teens during the 5th book, so she probably was still quite hormonal. Don't we all get like that?

    I want to ask my own question!
    Do you think Cho has quite a control-freak, paranoid set of parents who try to control her a lot for 'her own good', or what they see it as? I was thinking that they might be Healers (a well-paid job) and be kind of "You HAVE to be a Healer, too." and kind of brainwash her unintentionally. Do you think she'd be the sort of person to realise what they were doing and rebel against it? (Bearing in mind she was in the DA so she can't be all that spineless.)

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    I donít mean to sound racist, but I think there might be a culture thing that might help to look into. Most Asian cultures value education, and the kids respect their parents. A lot of my friends are of various different Asian backgrounds, and their family pushes them to get Aís and they never argue with their parents. So, maybe if you look into parenting in Asian cultures it would help you determine the type of parenting style her parents have. As for rebelling against her parents, I think that she would rebel if she really didnít want to do what they wanted to say. For example, in the DA she really wanted to learn defence, so she rebelled against authority figures. It really would depend on the situation. Would she hate to become a Healer? Would she be willing to risk changes in her family dynamic? What would she choose over it? I think you need to ask questions like that and weigh the options. Cho is smart, so whatever you choose, I think she has to have thought it out. /rant

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    Phoebe Gruzelieur
    Thanks, and I know what you mean about Asian parents!
    At my school we have lots of Indian girls whose parents baisically force them to be Doctors or Lawyers. You see all these girls who hate Maths, Chemistry and Biology and love Art and History. But then they do Maths, Chemistry and Biology for A-Level, even though they can't stand them and are rubbish at them. I think it's really sad, and that's why I'm putting Cho's parents in!
    I was thinking of making her good at Arithmancy, Care of Magical Creatures and Astonomy. Beacause she wouldn't really need any of them (apart from possibly CoMC) for being a Healer. And then she decides she wants to join the Order. Her parents say no, there's a big bust up, and then (because I think Cho is quite impulsive) she walks off and goes to the Order!

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    I agree. My mom is Asian, and sometimes I feel like I HAVE to be a doctor or a lawyer, and I see the same pattern happening in my cousins. But honestly, I don't think it's about race- it really depends on the parents and how much they want to control their children's lives. They may cover it up with excuses like, 'I want what's best for you,' or 'I don't want you to be poor.' Cho does seem like the type who feels the pressure from her parents- regardless of her ethnicity. I think if Hermione was pureblood, we would see the same situation.

    That's my two cents.

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    Phoebe Gruzelieur
    Definitly! (And I'm not being racist towards Chinese people, because one of my best friends is Chinise, and I also chose to do it at school).
    Can you guys think of a way for Cho and Harry to get back together again, without rushing them or killing Ginny? (Sorry, big Cho/Harry shipper here )
    I think I might write a story about that after I've finished Roses and Thorns (that's why I needed to know if Cho might be pressureised into becoming a Healer!)

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    Can you guys think of a way for Cho and Harry to get back together again, without rushing them or killing Ginny?
    Hmm, this idea just came to me, and if you are good at writing humor this could prove to be an interesting twist:

    You could have Cho concoct a love potion, which is very much like a Healer if you wanted to stick with that aspect, and coyly slip it into Harry's pumpkin juice or something. To make matters worse, Ginny would not know what is going on, and she would be very vindictive against Cho. Then Harry would come out of it and be all confused as to why the girls both hate him now.......I don't know, I thought it sounded interesting......

    If you don't want to go with the humor approach, you could always do the classic romance saga. Ginny explains to Harry that they were not made for each other, Harry is heartbroken, and Cho is there to comfort him, but he doesn't want her help, so she has to make him see that she really cares for him.......blah, blah, blah...

    Another option is to write a poem---maybe it is a love poem that Cho wrote for Harry but decided to never give it to him, and he finds it crumpled up in the corridor, and reads it. Then he can't figure out how he will tell know the drill.....

    Those are just some ideas to get you started! Hope I helped!


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    Phoebe Gruzelieur
    Ooooh down, plot bunnies, down! Some really great ideas. I actually wrote a story like Cho slipping the love potion in Harry's drink, but I think it now lives somewhere in my back draw because it was my first attempt at fan fic and wasn't very good.

    Sorry to side-track for a sec, but don't you hate it when people kill off major characters just so they can get someone else to pair up with them????

    OK, back on track. I'm thinking very hard about a Harry and Cho fic, because I want to make sure it's not just: 'oh, Ginny and Harry split up, and he runs back to Cho for support'. I want to have them meeting a few years later and see how much they've changed. I was thinking about Cho maybe having an unhappy marriage or some domestic abuse which she's finally gotten rid of, and seeing how the years have affected the two characers.

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    I read through what everyone said on this thread and I guess I have a different take on Cho. My first thought is that she has to be competitive, and fearless. She is a Quidditch player after all. That takes guts, strength, a fierce competitive spirit and not being afraid of being in front of crowds or getting hurt for that matter. Some of what she is portrayed as in the books is, I think, shaped a lot by the fact that she is a "minor" character. Those characters tend to be a bit stereotypical and one dimensional in fiction in general. Those characters are often used to move and develop plot or reveal more about main characters. JKR uses Cho to reveal more about Harry and his romantic side then about Cho herself.

    Also, she is an English/Asian teenage girl (a very pretty and popular one at that) so I think things might pressure her differently. I had a friend whose boyfriend died. They were both 15-16 at the time. She reacted just like Cho. I think it may almost be harder on a teenager to lose a first love than an adult (but I could be wrong about that thankfully never having experienced this kind of loss).

    I feel a case can be made, via allusions in DH, that Cho is maturing and gaining personal strength. I think the beauty of writing a ďCho as an adultí fic would be how you could develop her character. You can find plenty of JKR evidence to support an adult Cho characterization as strong, smart (of course) ambitious, maybe with a little bit of a temper, yet caring, kind and supportive of friends. I guess I see Cho differently then some of the posts here.

    ~ Kat

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    Phoebe Gruzelieur
    Hmmm.... I know what you mean about her reaction to Cedric when 15-16. A lot of my Harry Potter friends hate Cho because 'she's so melo-dramatic and attention-seeking about the way she grievs about Cedric'. But I think her reaction is natural. It takes her about 6 months to get over Ced's death. And I honestly think it would take that long.

    We don't know much about Cho and Ced's relationship from the books. From what it says, it sounds like Cho and he weren't going out until the Yule Ball, otherwise with Cedric being a poster boy and captin of the Quidditch team and Cho is a Popular Girl, it would have circulated very quickly and Harry definitely would have heard. But, we don't know whether they knew each other well before then or not. My guess is that they were quite close friends for a couple of years before hand. So Cho would be losing a boyfriend and a friend at the same time. Her diffuculties in OoP are highlighted by the fact she's confused about her feelings for Harry. And the story is told from Harry's point of view. So he's going to be stopping us from relating to Cho by the fact he's non relating to her and doesn't understand her.

    Cho is a cool character to write (and she's one of my main characters in the story I'm writing now so I'm seeing a lot of her) because so much is left to interpretation. Some people view her as quite ruthless, others as quite floppy and useless. I always feel that, for Cho, human affections are everything for her. She's very dependant on those she loves (in a good way) and trusts them completely. But everyone has their own interpretation!

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