1. What kind of work do you see her doing? We never see many of her interests and she doesn't seem like the type who could take initiative.

Well, she's very bright so I could see her having a pretty good career in the Ministry. Or she could be a Quidditch player or I could see her opening a coffeehouse like Madame Puddifoot's. I think that you've got a lot of options and you can go almost anywhere with her career.

2. Do you think she stayed in Britian after the war, or would she have left?

I think that she would have stayed in Britian. Maybe she'd travel a little bit, but she'd end up settling down in Britian.

3. I assume that she married a Muggle because of the interview, but other than that, what kind of man do you think Cho would marry?

Based off of what we know of her taste in guys (Cedric and Harry), I would say that he's probably good-looking, athletic, sensitive, smart, and someone she could talk to.

4. Do you think she maintained close relationships with anyone from school? With her parents?

I think that she would have kept contact with her school friends. She's the type of girl that friendship is very important to, and she's grown up with these people, I don't think that she'd just let them go. Definately with her parents, they probably saw her through some of her troubles, and I think that family will probably be pretty important to her as she gets older.

5. What would be her reaction if she were to run into Ginny and Harry together after the Epilogue?

I think that she would be happy to see them, she'd want to hear about their lives, and she'd want to tell about her life. I don't think that she'd be the type of girl to flirt with Harry or anything.

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