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I have to agree with Keryn--Cho really isn't the strongest character.
I agree with you that she isn't the strongest character in the book. I don't think she'll ever end up being a leader in any way in the HP world because she is for all intents and purposes a follower. If she were more of a leader (in my opinion) she would've gotten over Cedric's death a lot faster because this is war and in war you've got to put your losses behind you or else they will come back to get you.

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Recall how Cho was so furious with Harry in Book Five--but all he did was an interview with Rita Skeeter, and she forgave him immediately. I think that every time her husband would apologize, she would forgive him--knowing perfectly well that he would do it again, and she would continue to forgive him.
I disagree here. She didn't forgive Harry just because he asked her to, he had a legitimate reason. If you'll remember, Harry just mentioned that Hermione wanted to meet with him at the Three Broomsticks, Hermione never told Harry why. Cho didn't forgive Harry until after she had seen the article in the Quibler, so she had seen real proof that he didn't just want to be with Hermione.

Overall, do I think Cho would get stuck in an abusive relationship, I'd like to think not. After all she does have a lot of friends she sticks to, and seems to show loyalty to those friends she's had longer (such as Marrieta vs. Hermione/Harry) and I would think those older friends would be able to get her out of an abusive relationship. Also, don't forget, she was on the Quiddich team, which if nothing else should mean that she's toughend up somewhat and learned to give as much as she takes, physically anyway.

Just my 2 knuts.