How do you think Cho would react to being trapped by a DE and then put under the Cruciatus Curse? Besides the physical damage what do you think would happen to her mental state? What about her would change from a traumatic experience?
I think she would probably be reminded a lot about Cedric. We saw in OotP how she was crying often about his death and being trapped by a DE would just rub salt in the wounds. She might try and put up a fight -- she was in the DA, after all -- but after a point of time, like after about a few days, I think she might just give up. I can see her crying a lot and more than the physical pain that she might endure because of the Cruciatus Curse, I think the mental pain would be more.

Being trapped by a DE would make her feel worse about Cedric dying because now she knows how exactly it feels (though Cedric wasn't exactly trapped by a DE ) I think such an experience might make her a bit more devoted to Harry's cause because now she knows it first-hand how it feels, and maybe she might become a bit more loyal to Harry.

As regards to what about her might change, I don't think she would be able to come out of such a trauma very easily. Cedric's death took more than a year for her to sink in and accept it and she still can't look at Harry in the eye. She seems to take her time in coming out of shells and return to normal life, and so such an experience would definitely be really hard on her. She might even go into a depression of sorts and I think she won't be able to lead a normal life thereafter. I can see her just dwelling on the past and let the past eat her up.

Hope that helped!