I wasn't really sure whether to create a new thread for Cho or whether to post in minor characters. I mean, if Lavender has a thread, then Cho should, right?

So here are my two questions about her:

Is she Muggle-born or half-blood? I looked up her profile on the Lexicon and it doesn't say. I vaguely recall somewhere in the books where she mentions to Harry that she is half-blood...am I right?

Do you think Cho would succumb to abuse (all kinds) by the man she loved? Do you think she would defend him; saying he surely doesn't mean it? She defended her friend Marietta when she was clearly very wrong, so do you think she would do the same for the man she loves, even if he hurts her? Do you think she would stay by him no matter what?

Mods, if this thread is incorrect, if Cho is supposed to be asked about in minor characters, please forgive my ignorance, but in my opinion, she's not really a minor character. She played a pretty big part in books four and five.