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    Cho Chang

    I wasn't really sure whether to create a new thread for Cho or whether to post in minor characters. I mean, if Lavender has a thread, then Cho should, right?

    So here are my two questions about her:

    Is she Muggle-born or half-blood? I looked up her profile on the Lexicon and it doesn't say. I vaguely recall somewhere in the books where she mentions to Harry that she is I right?

    Do you think Cho would succumb to abuse (all kinds) by the man she loved? Do you think she would defend him; saying he surely doesn't mean it? She defended her friend Marietta when she was clearly very wrong, so do you think she would do the same for the man she loves, even if he hurts her? Do you think she would stay by him no matter what?

    Mods, if this thread is incorrect, if Cho is supposed to be asked about in minor characters, please forgive my ignorance, but in my opinion, she's not really a minor character. She played a pretty big part in books four and five.

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    I think Cho is a loyal type of person, but she would've had to known this person either extremely well, or at least for a very long time. She showed less loyalty to Harry than to Marietta, but did stick up for Harry when Zacharias Smith was talking crap in the Hog's Head- her loyalty seems relative.

    As far as being with someone who is hurting her, I think she would. She seems- well I don't want to say weak, but I don't know of another word. I think she would blame herself a little, and would see the good in him, especially if, as most how most abuse happens, the man shows a loveable side to her sometimes, and then revert to his other side. I think there should also be some sort of reward for her to stick with him- maybe he's the father of her child, maybe he buys her anything she wants, maybe she gets the high-life status that she's always wanted, I don't know, but you should raise him a little in status, I think.

    Hope this helps!

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    I have to agree with Keryn--Cho really isn't the strongest character. She seems like the type more likely to stick up for someone else than for herself. She's very sensitive, and I think it would only take a few words from her husband to hurt her emotionally, and then she could easily say something that would enrage him more--and she would blame herself, because of what she said.

    Recall how Cho was so furious with Harry in Book Five--but all he did was an interview with Rita Skeeter, and she forgave him immediately. I think that every time her husband would apologize, she would forgive him--knowing perfectly well that he would do it again, and she would continue to forgive him.

    She's the sort of character I can see being stuck in that horrible cycle; sensitive but forgiving. I think she would be very submissive in time, and even become an enabler (buying more alcohol if her husband demanded it, covering for him if he's drunk and misses work). It's a sad reality, but I think that Cho is exactly the kind of character to end up doing such a thing.

    I hope this helps!

    Edit I think that Cho is a half-blood. I recall her telling Harry that "My parents forbade me to do anything to anger Umbridge..." which implies that they know all about her and the Ministry.

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    I have a Cho question.

    Do you think Cho is capable of becoming a Death Eater?

    If yes, what do you think her motivation would be?

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    I don't think she is. I doubt she has the stomach for it, and being a part of Dumbledore's Army shows she has some loyalties to the good side. The only way I could see her being one would be if Voldemort forced her to or he would kill someone close to her- but even still, I don't think she'd be vital enough to him for him to bother- he could just put her under the Imperius curse if he needed her to do something. I don't ever see Cho becoming a DE.

    Also, I agree with the half-blood status, going along with what Fenn said.


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    miss padfoot
    I'm not too sure about her blood status. Sure, if her parents had forbade her to do anything against Umbridge, they might as well be Pureblood (people working for the Ministry, probably and don't want her daughter to get into trouble) or even Muggleborn. If her parents are Muggleborn, they're probably concerned about her safety and wouldn't want her to rise against Umbridge... She seems likelier to be half-blood or Pureblood though, I'd say.

    As to whether she would become a Death Eater, no, I don't think so. At least not voluntarily. She was in love with Cedric who was murdered on Voldemort's orders so she wouldn't want to have anything to do with him.

    But if he, say, blackmails her that he'd kill her parents/friends, then I don't think she's going to be really thinking about Harry and doing the right thing and stuff like Ron/Hermione might. Her loyalty to him has diminished since OotP and I don't think she would really stick up for Harry on that count.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FenrirG
    I have to agree with Keryn--Cho really isn't the strongest character.
    I agree with you that she isn't the strongest character in the book. I don't think she'll ever end up being a leader in any way in the HP world because she is for all intents and purposes a follower. If she were more of a leader (in my opinion) she would've gotten over Cedric's death a lot faster because this is war and in war you've got to put your losses behind you or else they will come back to get you.

    Quote Originally Posted by FenrirG
    Recall how Cho was so furious with Harry in Book Five--but all he did was an interview with Rita Skeeter, and she forgave him immediately. I think that every time her husband would apologize, she would forgive him--knowing perfectly well that he would do it again, and she would continue to forgive him.
    I disagree here. She didn't forgive Harry just because he asked her to, he had a legitimate reason. If you'll remember, Harry just mentioned that Hermione wanted to meet with him at the Three Broomsticks, Hermione never told Harry why. Cho didn't forgive Harry until after she had seen the article in the Quibler, so she had seen real proof that he didn't just want to be with Hermione.

    Overall, do I think Cho would get stuck in an abusive relationship, I'd like to think not. After all she does have a lot of friends she sticks to, and seems to show loyalty to those friends she's had longer (such as Marrieta vs. Hermione/Harry) and I would think those older friends would be able to get her out of an abusive relationship. Also, don't forget, she was on the Quiddich team, which if nothing else should mean that she's toughend up somewhat and learned to give as much as she takes, physically anyway.

    Just my 2 knuts.


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    Phoebe Gruzelieur
    I think Cho is a stronger character than people give her credit for. She was obviously having her 'hormonal year' in OoP (which is actually quite late, but anyway). All teens get, usually one, sometimes two, years when they go up and down like a rollercoaster. It's often the year before GCSEs because they're under a lot of stress. Cho's in her sixth year so she's getting ready for her NEWTs. So that means she's under a lot of pressure ANYWAY. And on top of that, she has the whole 'I love Cedric, but now he's dead, and I also now love Harry' business. We don't know how her friends (Marietta etc) took her dating Harry. I think they thought it was inexcusible for her to be dating him. Girl World Rules.

    As to Cho being a Leader...hmmm that's a good question. Because I always get the feeling she was the Leader of her group, as Harry describes her as being surrounded by a group of giggiling girls. So I always took that to mean she was 'in charge'. And I think she seems to definitely have more people skills than Hermione. I don't think she was ever a tagger-on. She seems to have no problem with thinking and acting for herself.

    Think about it:

    Harry's accused by the Ministry of being a psycotic, delusional, attention-seeking liar. Seamus believes it (and he knows Harry much better than she does). But does Cho think that? No.

    In GoF when Harry asks to have a private word with Cho, all her freinds giggle like hyenas. But she doesn't. And she refuses him in the nicest possible way.

    Cho comes to the DA meetings even though her friends seem against it (remember Marietta? And she's the one who came. We can only imagine what the other ones were like). And Umbridge very soon banned it. Would a go-with-the-flow person carry on coming to meetings when it became illegal? I think not.

    Cho defended Marietta against Harry after the Sneak incident. A lesser friend would have half-heartedly agreed with Harry, but not done anything about it. But she fell out with Harry over Marietta, even though she probably knew (in her heart) that Marietta had betrayed her.

    In DH, she comes back, despite there being none of her friends. She obviously made that decision by herself.

    All these points prove (to me) that Cho is an independant girl. She may be a Popular Girl, and be surruounded by giggiling friends, but at heart she is an independant young woman with a brain and heart of her own.

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    Everyone has said that Cho must have some strength in her to be in the DA. But what if she was just in there to be closer to Harry? What if she actually didn't care about the cause at all, and was secretly glad when Marietta spilled the beans? This could mean that she would do anything for love, so she could be tempted into the Death Eaters by that.

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    miss padfoot
    Well, I think that Cho wasn't really in love with Harry or Cedric. To me, she appeared like she wanted to date Harry just so she could get to know more about Cedric's death. I don't think she ever expressed a liking to Harry like he liked her even though it was just infatuation on his part. And though she really liked Cedric, I don't think it was "love" per se either.

    Having said that, we don't really know how she would react to someone she really loves rather than being infatuated to. While she does seem the forgiving type because she defended Marietta against Harry, I'm not too sure if she would really stay put to someone who clearly abuses her. Cho Chang is not stupid or blinded by love like Merope Riddle was. I think she'd have the sense to walk out on an abusive relationship. She may try and adjust to the circumstances but beyond a point, I can see her walking out on a relationship.

    To what extent do you think Cho was affected by Cedric's death? Will that affect who she'll date? Marry?
    I think by now (two years later) she's probably over Cedric's death, meaning that she's probably not going to cry to sleep every night thinking about Cedric. But, I'm positive she won't date/marry someone from the Dark Side/Death Eaters because she clearly has a lot to hold against them. While I'm not sure she'd join forces with Harry -- there's too much of pain involved there -- I can definitely see her supporting the Ministry. And, though they might adopt radically different measures, at the end of the day, both the Ministry and Harry are trying to achieve the same thing: the end of Voldemort. And I believe Cho will stand by their cause.

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