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Thread: Weeklies are Back!

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    Weeklies are Back!

    Yay! The Weeklies are back after our little break there. I'll hopefully be able to stay on top of it this time and stick the schedule.

    Anyways, without further ado, your challenge this week is:

    "Why isn't there a good catch phrase for a non-evil genius..."

    Thanks ProfPosky and VV for dontaing that one!

    Points will be awarded to winners as usual. (15, 10 and 5 points respectively).

    And please use the following form:


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    You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to cut out 168 words from a drabble!!

    Name: Keryn (Mostlikelytolie)
    House: The ever brilliant Ravenclaw!
    Title: I Guess History Does Repeat Itself...
    Warnings: None
    Words: 499, on the dot.

    “Misters Weasley!”

    Fred and George both turned to find the source of the shout. Professor McGonagall stood in a nearby doorway, and the twins stepped forward, wondering what they’d done wrong. Ushering them into the classroom, she shut the door behind them.

    “Is something the matter with you boys?”

    They exchanged glances. “No, Professor. Why?”

    “It’s come to our attention that you two haven’t been your usual selves as of late. Not a single detention nor report of a prank since term started, and, well, it’s out of character for you. Is something the matter?”

    George looked at her with wide eyes. “Are you… are you telling us off for NOT causing trouble, Professor?

    The Transfiguration teacher flushed, but her voice never faltered. “Of course not, gentlemen, but even you’ve got to understand my concerns. You’ve been pulling pranks at this school since your brother, Bill’s graduation. So excuse me if I’m off-base, but you’ve produced five solid years of pranks, and have spent the last three months… behaving?”
    Fred looked puzzled, and began silently counting off on his fingers, whereas George hung his head, looking quite abashed. As the Professor looked on, she was reminded of another pair of teens she’d once reprimanded…

    “Professor, I’m Head Boy! You can’t honestly be expecting me to pull pranks like I’m still a child?”

    “Yes, Professor, he’s Head Boy, and Quidditch Captain, and head of the Gryffindor pansy study group, and most importantly, Mister Evans!”

    “Padfoot, don’t call me Mister Evans, and stop acting so jealous!”

    “YOU THINK I’m JEALOUS? AGH! Do you see why we don’t get any pranks done? His head’s gotten so big it’s a wonder he can sit up straight!”

    “That will be quite enough yelling. It seems that you boys need a push in the right direction. Mister Potter, are you taking on too much? I think Mister Black is feeling neglected.”

    “Well, I guess I haven’t had much time for Marauder stuff… ”

    “I think I might have a solution for that, boys.”

    “Professor McGonagall, we’re in a rut! We’ve run out of ideas for pranks!” The redheads both hung their heads with shame, and Minerva McGonagall looked at them with a thoughtful smile.

    “I think I might have a solution for that, boys.”

    As Professor McGonagall took her seat at dinner that evening, she received mischievous grins from two of her favourite Gryffindors. It wasn’t long before the prank unleashed, and the ceiling, formerly enchanted to mirror the rain outside, became transparent, and the Great Hall filled with water. Continuing to eat despite the downpour, Minerva was pleasantly surprised to hear the Headmaster’s voice from her right.

    “I guess history does repeat itself, eh Minerva?”

    “I suppose so.”

    “It’s still a good trick.”

    “Thank you, Albus. But twenty years later, and I’m still wondering.”

    “What’s that?”

    “Why there isn’t a catch phrase for a non-evil genius?”

    The twinkle in Dumbledore’s eye seemed to intensify. “I don’t know, my dear. I don’t know.”

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