This past year has seen one of the greatest challenge turnouts that I have personally ever seen. The Inaugural Great Hall Cotillion churned out 72 (not a typo) stories, and 69 of them were complete by the deadline. In this challenge, which was derived by your very own fearless leader, there was a celebration of love stories of all kinds: sad, happy, angsty, fluffy, and everything in between.

I challenge you to go forth, find one of these stories, and leave the author a stunning review to complement their completion of such an arduous challenge. The challenge thread can be found here:

As always, ask and answer a TQ. Here are a couple to get you started:

Do pairings selected for shock factor have to live up to a higher standard to you as a reader?

Would you read something you find categorically impossible or extremely implausible just to see if the author can prove you right or wrong?

Do pairing-driven stories stay with you more, less, or the same as plot-driven stories?

This activity is due by the end of the day on November 15th.