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Thread: October Activities 2012

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    Review: Here

    Do you like to be shocked by a pairing or the way an author depicts a pairing, or do you prefer to stick solidly with canon? Why?

    I usually stick to canon most of the time and tend not to stray away. However, if we were never told who a character ends up with, I'm open to suggestions. I'd love to read a rare-pare such as Dudley/Parvati or any wild pairing. In fact, wild pairings can be very, very fun to read, as Jamie has proven with her fic The Lady Doth Protest Too Much. I would never have imagined that two paintings could be paired together, but Jamie proved me wrong with her brilliant piece of work. Provided that the writer writes it well enough to be believable and that the character is not committed according to canon, I'd love to read a shock-pairing (excuse me for making that up).

    Which sort of wild pairing would you never read? Why?

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    Review: clickity

    Which sort of wild pairing would you never read? Why?

    There is really very little that I wouldn't read. I'm a little turned off by Student/Teacher Romance, but (as seen above) I will read it as long as it's well written and handles the subject well. I will almost never read Snanyone, but that's mostly because I don't view Snape as an attractive character and really am not a fan of reading fics where he is. However, I have no qualms reading something totally insane (like, uhmm, Scabior / Bellatrix totally random pairing ftw) because I find it incredibly interesting to see how the author rationalises the two of them being together. For example, in Maple's story, Lily Luna and McLaggen (aka McLily) get into a romantic relationship, which I thought was fabulous because not only is it something I've never even thought of, it's something that the author pulled off very, very well and made me believe in the pairing.


    New TQ: Do you tend to stick to certain pairings? Why?

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    I reviewed Laugh by Padfoot11333, aka Lily.

    Do pairings selected for shock factor have to live up to a higher standard to you as a reader?

    I don't think it's necessarily about higher standards. At least, that's not quite how I'd phrase it. I'd expect a James/Lily story to be written just as well as the rarest of rare-pairs. However, it would take more to convince me of an unexpected pairing, especially if it contradicts what we would expect from canon. That's not necessarily about standard of writing and characterisation; it's more about providing enough background and having a strong enough plot to make the pairing plausible. I don't know. Maybe that is a higher standard. I just mean that I don't need stories featuring odd couples to be better in every single way.

    Do you tend to stick to certain pairings? Why?
    When writing, it's definitely a yes. I write James/Lily an awful lot because for me, it seems to come easily. I have a clear picture of the two of them, both as individuals and in relation to each other. Because I feel familiar and confident with them, I find I get more ideas for stories concerning them.

    When reading, I get a lot more variety. I still read plenty of James/Lily, as the above review suggests, but I will read all sorts of unusual pairings. It's more about the quality of the story than about which pairing are involved. Well, as long as it's not Dramione, anyway...

    New TQ: What would you say is the most unexpected pairing you've ever come across in fanfiction? Did it make for a good story? Why or why not?
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