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Thread: The October Bi-Weekly Challenge - Part Two

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    The October Bi-Weekly Challenge - Part Two

    It's Halloween night, and a poor, unsuspecting soul is out, not knowing that the shock of his life is waiting just around the corner. That's right! Halloween is just about to get real.

    In this challenge, you will write about an Original (Muggle) Character and his/her fateful experience on the night of October 31st. What the OC witnesses or chances upon or interacts with has to be something that is extraordinary to a Muggle who knows nothing about the wizarding world, but is completely ordinary to a witch or wizard. For example, your character could be sitting in the park, enjoying some quiet time, when - CRACK - somebody Apparates in the vicinity and goes on their way. To the Muggle, that is going to be spooky.

    So, how does the Muggle react to the event? Entirely your call. The only stipulations of this challenge are:

    + The POV of the drabble should be that of an OC, who is a Muggle.
    + The event has to be something that a witch or wizard would find normal, but an "ignorant" Muggle wouldn't.
    + Your drabble should have a word count between 300-500 words.
    + Follow MNFF guidelines. Make sure that all SPaG and formatting issues have been resolved before you submit your drabble(s). Or before I read them.
    + The challenge closes midnight GMT, Oct 31st. Get your entry in before then.

    Yeah, but what do I get? Points, of course, and a chance to swagger around the boards and increase the pride and glory of your House. The distribution of points is as follows:

    + 5 points per entrant
    + 15 points for nabbing the Top Spot
    + 10 for nabbing I'll Get You Next Time
    + 5 for nabbing I'll Also Get You and You Next Time

    The Barmaids reserve the right to award participants as per the quality and quantity of the entries. We haven't Cake-Womaned anybody yet, apparently, but that's no guarantee it's not going to happen: Good Lord!

    Use this form for your entry. It's imperative that you do. Seriously.

    PHP Code:
    Word Count:
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    Come on, Drabblers! Where's your Halloween spirit? Four more days left. There will be cookies at the end, I assure you. Virtual cookies, anyway.

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    Name: Hokey
    House: Sssslytherin
    Title: An excursion beyond expectations
    Ratings/Warnings: None
    Word Count: 448
    A/N: More sweet than spooky. Sorry
    EDIT: Aaaand I didn't realize it had to take place on Halloween night... I did read the instructions, but before writing I just read the stipulations, which were said to be the "only" stipulations... So this doesn't fit. At all.

    “Danny! Wait for me, Danny!”

    A girl with long, auburn hair stumbled about as she climbed over the mossy rocks. She was proudly carrying a basket that was several sizes too large for her, while desperately trying to keep up with her older brother.

    “Calm down, Norah. I’m not leaving you behind,” a boy with short, sandy hair laughed. He had paused atop the trunk of a fallen tree, turning back to face his sister. He readjusted his grasp on the bundle of blankets and rope in his arms. “I promised you I’d take you to the treehouse today, didn’t I?”

    Norah was beaming. “Yes, you did.” She hurried forward, still smiling widely. “How much further is it?”

    “Not so far…” Danny started, taking a few steps but then stopping.

    Norah looked up at him, confusion written across her face.

    “I just remembered…” her brother said, “We were supposed to clean our rooms today.” He slowly turned around and started walking back the way they had come.

    Norah was about to burst out laughing. “Since when have you ever cared to clean your room when you’re supposed to? Come on, we’re going to the treehouse!”

    Norah took the large basket in one hand and grabbed her brother’s arm with the other. Using all her strength she managed to spin him around and start dragging him in the right direction.

    Danny shook his head. “Yeah…” he said, “I don’t know what got into me.”

    Norah giggled at her brother as they continued onward through the mossy vegetation. However, no more than a minute had passed when Norah stopped short, her eyes round, with a soft, “Oooh.”

    Far ahead, above the tree tops, she spotted a small, round shape soaring through the air. Even more astounding was the fact that the ball-resembling object was caught mid-air by a cloaked person who seemed to be flying.

    Norah gasped and shot a glance at her brother, only to realize that he had turned back the other way again. She dropped the basket altogether and hurried to his side.

    “Stop mumbling about cleaning you room!” she exclaimed. “Look!”

    His sister was yanking at Danny’s arm, and eventually he was persuaded to look towards what she was excitedly pointing at.

    Flying people, on what he could only discern to be broomsticks, were tossing a ball back and forth. Their dark capes fluttered in the wind, as if they were either Batman or witches on their way to Brocken. Danny’s jaw dropped as a chill ran up his spine.

    Danny could not explain what he had seen in the woods. Not until four years later, soon after his sister had started receiving those mysterious letters.


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    Nagini Riddle
    Name: Honestly, who doesn't like snakes and riddles?
    House: Gryffinroar (in emulation of Carole)
    Title: Mirror, Mirror
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st yrs (wouldn't want to scare them or anything); vanity and talking mirrors...
    Word count: 500
    Author's note: I got my inspiration from when Harry visited the Burrow in CoS and the mirror told him to tuck in his shirt. I would be terrified if a mirror talked.


    The young woman stared at the mirrors before her, trying to decide which one would look best in the master bedroom. She scrutinized every detail, tracing a thin finger on the frames, tilting her head at different angles.

    The man beside her nervously bounced on his feet. It was his first day on the job, and this woman hadn’t said a word to him, making him slightly uncomfortable. It was also queer to have a costumer about on this Halloween night, but he didn't comment on it.

    “Miss, have you made a decision?” His voice came out with a tremor, and it horrified him.

    She pursed her lips, and finally turned to him. “What’s the frame on this one made of? It looks to be gold, but I think I might be deceived.”

    Her tone suggested she was not one to be trifled with, and that she expected nothing but the best. The man cleared his throat, unsure of what to say.

    “It’s the best quality mirror there is, you know-“

    Irritated, she cut him off. “Simpleton. Answer the question, don’t flit around.”

    He hung his head. “I don’t know, miss.”

    Eyebrows narrowed with dislike, the young lady turned back to the mirror in question. “There’s something different about this mirror. I feel – special. I gaze into it, and I cannot find a flaw.”

    Eager to get back into her good graces, the man offered her the story of the mirror. “It actually came from an old Victorian home said to be owned by the wealthiest baroness. She looked upon her image each night before retiring and grow younger as a result.”

    “Silly tales. No one would grow younger looking into a mirror. Especially an antique.” Her words were full of hidden venom and spite. Clearly, she did not respect the young man.

    Ashamed, he simply gave her a slight nod. Perhaps because she continued to purse her lips, he decided it would be best if he left her alone.

    “Good day, miss.”

    Unperturbed, the young lady continued to stare at the mirrors. Her eyes kept straying to the one that made her feel special, framed by what could be gold. Vainly, she brushed back her thick honey-blonde curls, and straightened herself to appear queenly.

    Something snickered.

    She whipped around to see who it was, but she had been left alone. Deciding it had been pure imagination, she turned back to the mirror. To her utmost surprise, she did not see her reflection.

    Again, something chuckled. Her reflection slowly melted back into view, and somehow, she looked younger.

    She stumbled backwards, trying to reason with herself that she was just imagining it. But the image stayed.

    Her nerve diminished, she quickly exited the scene, not quite knowing what to make of reality.

    The mirror yawned, and made a tutting noise. “Pity she didn’t stay. I’ve longed for a pretty face ever since Baroness Everglot passed away.”

    With that thought, it quieted, awaiting the next beauty to stroll on by.

    Name: Seriously, I'm Nagini Riddle
    House: smashing pumpkins on lions
    Title: Potatoes and Pumpkins
    Ratings/Warnings: beware the woods and flying potatoes!
    Word count: 500- almost went over!
    Author's note: Okay, so this one is actually about Halloween, and again, was inspired by CoS and those pesky gnomes. But fear? I count the crying boy, since he screamed. And Eva felt some fear, too...

    Eva happily perched on the straw bundles in the cart. She was very excited to begin the hayride and get to see the scarecrows and pumpkins. Even more thrilling was getting to choose a pumpkin at the end to take home.

    Her parents waved to her, and she waved back, holding a fairy wand aloft and wiggling the wings on her back. She’d insisted on being a fairy for Halloween, and now wore the costume proudly in the wagon. It was going to be the best Halloween ever.

    The boy next to her was crying, afraid of leaving his parents’ side. Eva bristled with irritation.

    “Shush. Aren’t you happy you get a pumpkin?” she pestered the boy.

    He glumly faced her, wearing a Superman cape. “I wanna go home!”

    Comforting others had never been her strong suit, so she simply let him cry. It wouldn’t matter once they went into the woods and pumpkin patch.

    The cart started forward, and Eva found herself enjoying the rhythmic bounce and she gazed out at the farm around her, marveling at the scarecrows and ravens and crows. Even the sky was perfect – just the right amount of greying clouds brought a slight sinister mood to the ride. Deep down inside, Eva liked to feel scared. She imagined ghosts and mummies in the woods, grasping her as she rode along. The boy near her kept crying.

    They finally reached the pumpkin fields, and eagerly, Eva hopped out and bounded to the orange squash gleaming in the setting sun. She paused as she caught sight of all the colors, realizing pumpkins could be dark red or scrumptious yellow.

    A scream suddenly rent the air, and all heads turned to see the crying boy whip his hand back. A small brown potato flew through the air off his finger. Eva watched in amazement as the potato suddenly moved its legs and soared over the hedges that stood behind the pumpkin patch.

    In hysterics, the boy continued to scream, nursing his finger that had sprouted blood. The adults rushed forward, trying to calm him down, asking him if he had pricked his hand on a thorn.

    Eva dared to slip away quietly, curiosity getting the better of her. She rounded the hedge and began looking for the potato. Her wild imagination told her it had been alive.

    A disgruntled squeak got her attention, and her wide eyes landed on the oddly shaped creature, spinning as though it was dizzy. Her mouth slightly ajar, she crept closer to the creature, the adventurous side of her overcoming any sense of fear.

    “Hello, Mr. Potato,” she thought wildly, and she bent down to the creature’s level, watching in fascination as it fell onto its head.

    It noticed her and threw a sharp glare her way, causing her to gasp. But suddenly, she heard the children leaving. Time to go.

    Eva never forgot that hayride, and grew old telling all the children that would listen of that thrilling, slightly terrifying day.
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    Name: Gmariam
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Or Is There?
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd years/None
    Word Count: 500
    Author's Note: Nothing, really. Happy Halloween?

    I hate Halloween.

    I was never one to dress up, to celebrate the witches and magic and monsters. I always thought it was ridiculous, so I stayed in. I read. As I grew older, I made sure to find other things to do.

    I left town once and spent the day in the West Country. It was dark when I finally came to a small village, where I managed to secure a room at the local inn. After cleaning up, I found a pub that was unusually quiet. I spent a few hours writing in my journal before I headed back to my room.

    The street was dark when a sudden crack startled me out of my reverie. Out of nowhere a short, nervous-looking man appeared, dressed in odd clothing that looked like it could be a Halloween costume. A second man appeared behind him, his robes a bit more shabby. They glanced around the street as if looking for something, each holding a short stick. As I watched, they stepped behind a gate and vanished into thin air.

    With a racing heart, I hurried back to the inn. I thought I heard the sound of a motorcycle, but there was nothing there.

    The next day, I left the village and put it from my mind. But I added it to the list of reasons I hated Halloween. People didn't appear and disappear out of thin air.

    * * * *

    Years later I am walking down the street in London. It is Halloween, it is late, and I want nothing more than to hurry home and start the new book I have been holding onto for this very night.

    I notice a new pub on Charing Cross Road. When I squint, I can see that it is called the Leaky Cauldron. An odd-looking man steps out and glances around suspiciously. He reminds me of the men I saw in the West Country years ago, only he has an evil look about him. He takes out a small stick and hurries away, head ducked down as if he is running from someone.

    I cross the street, but the pub seems to fade away, until woman steps out of nowhere, and her hair is electric blue. I can't help but stare, and as I do, her hair changes to a brilliant purple. She is wearing robes that look more like a uniform and also carrying a stick.

    She glances at me and nods as she dashes off after the man. I stare after them, and when I turn back, the pub has vanished.

    My hands are shaking. I do not know what I have seen, but I am positive there was a building there. I am fairly certain two people stepped out of it, and I don't think they were dressed in costume, just like the men in Godric's Hollow so many years ago.

    This is why I hate Halloween: there is no such thing as magic.

    Or is there?

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    I am going to extend the deadline and give you one more day. Yes, I'm in a charitable mood right now. This thread will close at 2 a.m., GMT, November 2nd. Happy Halloween!

    GOODO! That gives me time to finish ...
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    using rare and complicated words
    Name: is unimportant
    House: is a building with walls anda roof (hopefully)
    Title: Floo
    Ratings/Warnings: 3rd-5th. Very old joke and implied smut.
    Word Count: 500
    A/N: Yes, I know I can't enter, but I wanted to write this. (No idea why, it's very rubbish, but I got hit by the Draco bug again)

    The club was busy. Obviously, it was busy; it was Friday night AND it was Halloween. Everyone in town had bought a ticket because Spooks Nite Club was the place to go.

    I worked behind the bar. The downside of this was that I had no social life. The upside was that I was now saving all my wages and would soon be leaving Frimpton for the bright lights of London. The other upside was that I’d be leaving Spooks and wouldn’t have to deal with the new owner anymore.

    Draco Malfoy was an arse. Arrogant and sarcastic, his only redeeming feature was that he kept his hands to himself. He rarely helped in the bar, thinking serving customers was beneath him. He was, however, a financial wizard and the club was thriving under his management.

    “Carly,” Lisa pleaded from the end of the bar. “We need some clean glasses.”

    Biting back the retort that she should get them herself, I stomped down the stairs, passing Malfoy’s office, to get to the kitchen.

    “YOU’RE ALWAYS BUSY!” I heard someone shriek. The other reason I was pleased to be leaving Spooks was Malfoy’s girlfriend, who would demand waitress service while waiting for him. And she would wait for a long time. Sometimes I wondered if she’d ever get the hint because Malfoy clearly wasn’t in to her. I’d seen him, feet on his desk, finishing a crossword rather than talk to her.

    “You don’t need to work.”

    “I like it!” he retorted. “And I’m busy so...”

    Through the open door, I saw him get up from his desk and bundle Pansy towards the fireplace. He grabbed something from a pot, threw it into the flames and then pushed her into the fire.

    “NOOOOOO!” Unable to believe my eyes, because, yes, Pansy was a b*tch, but she didn’t deserve to burn, I grabbed the sand bucket and threw it at her.

    Spitting sand, Pansy lunged at me, screeching that I’d ruined her robe.

    “Ah, Carly. Just in time,” Malfoy drawled. Stepping between us, he hissed at me to play along and he’d double my wage. I’d barely nodded (I needed the money, all right) before he took me in his arms and proceeded to kiss me.

    Breaking off, he turned to Pansy. “I’ve been trying to tell you, but you never listen. This is Carly, my new girlfriend.”

    “She’s a Muggle!”

    “I know,” he replied, placing his arm around my waist. Play along, he whispered.

    Gazing up at him with a sweet smile on my face, I sighed lovingly.

    Pansy, after another bout of squawking, turned on her heel and stepped into the fire.

    “ did she that?” I asked, fascinated because she’d disappeared.

    “Ah, that’s what you call magic. Pansy’s a witch and I’m a wizard. It’s how we travel.”

    “You’re a wizard?” I asked sceptically. He nodded. “Are you going to tell me that’s a wand in your pocket.”

    Draco smirked. “Not a wand. I’m just pleased to see you.”

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    Name: ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: The Ghost and the Night
    Ratings/Warnings: 3rd-5th Years: Sexual Situations
    Word Count: 449
    A/N: This probably pushes the sexual situations to the limit, but it's for a worthy cause. I think a Patronus would freak any Muggle right the hell out.

    * * *

    Their grunts and groans fill the room. Here and there, one of them cries out in ecstasy, the woman’s head thrown back towards the ceiling. And exhausted and sweating, she collapses on top of him.

    “Mmm,” she murmurs into his bare shoulder. “I don’t normally do this.”

    The man chuckles. “Neither do I. Too busy.” He wraps his arms around her, and she nestles into his side, enjoying the spice of their lovemaking alongside his own musky scent.

    “So,” she asks as her finger traces whimsical pattern on his chest, “what do you do, anyway?”

    She hears the hesitation in his voice as he says, “I’m in . . . law enforcement.”

    “Ah.” She angles her elbow so she can gaze into his grey eyes. “No wonder you’re busy. Coppers are always busy these days.”

    He snorts. “You have no idea.” His hand slides up her arm and cups her chin. “But tonight, love, I’m all yours.” His lips meet hers, and she forgets all about police and duties, instead indulging in the young man she had met in the first bar she’d ever visited in her adult life.

    Serious, he calls himself, but she never did get his name. In all fairness, she neglected to tell him her name, as well. Their attraction earlier had seemed more important, but as she looks at him, it feels more necessary than ever. “My name is Amy, by the way. Amy Dent.”

    His tongue traces the shell of her ear, sending shivers of delight through her. “Sirius Black,” he whispers.

    Amy giggles at the ridiculous name, certain it isn’t his real one. It doesn’t matter, anyway. They likely will not see each other again, so why not enjoy what they have until it’s not there anymore? Hands slip-slide over curves and expanses, and they sink once again into pleasure. Her skin burns at his every touch, and she craves fulfilment that only he can bring.

    But as Amy climbs closer and closer to climax, a brilliant white light bursts into the room as a ghostly bird flies in through the window — the closed window. A scream slips out of her lips that has nothing to do with their previous activity. ‘Wh-what the hell is that?”

    Sirius turns white, but his face is stern rather than fearful. “Oh, no.”

    Staring at him, Amy tries to form the question she wants him to answer, but all she can do it gasp. However, he pays no attention to her as he slides out of bed and begins to get dressed. He doesn’t so much as flinch when the strange bird-ghost speaks.

    “The Potters are betrayed.”

    He leaves and never looks back. Amy never does see him again.
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    And now, it's time to announce the winners! But before I do that, I'd like to thank to those of you who participated I have chosen the top two drabbles based on how well they followed the prompt. Without further ado:

    First Place: Gmariam for Or Is There?

    Second Place: Nagini Riddle for Potatoes and Pumpkins

    I cannot stress this enough: please, please get your entries beta-read, or at least post it on your thread so that they are swept of any errors that might harm your chances. Points are awarded thusly:

    Ravenclaw: 25

    Gmariam: 15+5 = 20
    ToBeOr: 5

    Slytherin: 5

    Hokey: 5

    Gryffindor: 15

    Nagini Riddle: 10+5 = 15


    Equinox Chick: 5 Smooches

    Thank you, once again! Now GO CHECK OUT THE NOVEMBER BI-WEEKLY PART 1, if you haven't already!

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