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Thread: The October Bi-Weekly Challenge - Part Two

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    The October Bi-Weekly Challenge - Part Two

    It's Halloween night, and a poor, unsuspecting soul is out, not knowing that the shock of his life is waiting just around the corner. That's right! Halloween is just about to get real.

    In this challenge, you will write about an Original (Muggle) Character and his/her fateful experience on the night of October 31st. What the OC witnesses or chances upon or interacts with has to be something that is extraordinary to a Muggle who knows nothing about the wizarding world, but is completely ordinary to a witch or wizard. For example, your character could be sitting in the park, enjoying some quiet time, when - CRACK - somebody Apparates in the vicinity and goes on their way. To the Muggle, that is going to be spooky.

    So, how does the Muggle react to the event? Entirely your call. The only stipulations of this challenge are:

    + The POV of the drabble should be that of an OC, who is a Muggle.
    + The event has to be something that a witch or wizard would find normal, but an "ignorant" Muggle wouldn't.
    + Your drabble should have a word count between 300-500 words.
    + Follow MNFF guidelines. Make sure that all SPaG and formatting issues have been resolved before you submit your drabble(s). Or before I read them.
    + The challenge closes midnight GMT, Oct 31st. Get your entry in before then.

    Yeah, but what do I get? Points, of course, and a chance to swagger around the boards and increase the pride and glory of your House. The distribution of points is as follows:

    + 5 points per entrant
    + 15 points for nabbing the Top Spot
    + 10 for nabbing I'll Get You Next Time
    + 5 for nabbing I'll Also Get You and You Next Time

    The Barmaids reserve the right to award participants as per the quality and quantity of the entries. We haven't Cake-Womaned anybody yet, apparently, but that's no guarantee it's not going to happen: Good Lord!

    Use this form for your entry. It's imperative that you do. Seriously.

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