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Thread: My Pseudo-Banners and I Will Just Sit Quietly Here :O

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    My Pseudo-Banners and I Will Just Sit Quietly Here :O

    Hello, I am Natalie/HJ/Potato Peeler!

    Bella the Hella - may her reign prosper ever more - has granted me permission to create a thread here so I can record my image credits. The following aren't really banners, just posters for TTB challenges posted by yours truly. I won't be taking any requests - not that I imagine anyone would want to trust their fics with me hahaha. Just a heads-up.

    Poster 1: November Bi-Weekly Part 2, 2012
    Image Credit: here/or here

    Poster 2: December Monthly, 2012
    Image Credits: 1, 2, 3, & 4
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    Banner by BELLA THE HELLA. <3

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