Something wicked this way comes, MNFF, and its not Snape wearing a pink velour tracksuit.

For the two weeks leading up to Halloween, your Hogsmeade chaperones will be slithering around the site (both the forums and archives) scattering treats and tricks for you to find.

On day one we will post a trick a.k.a a clue in this thread. Once solved, the clue will take you to a certain place on the site. You will know you have found the right place if you see a treat i.e. either the owl icon (on the archives) or the small trick or treat banner (on the forums) shown below.

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At 8:00am GMT, the next clue will be posted alongside the treat in the mystery location so in order to continue the challenge, you must find the secret location first.

For example, we post the trick, you solve it and it leads to the SBBC Masterlist thread. You find the Trick or Treat banner and know that youre in the right place. However, the next clue wont be posted yet. At 8:00am GMT, either Jess or I will post the trick in the SBBC Masterlist thread. You solve it and it leads to the author page of the most prolific author on the archives and so on and so on.

Got that?

To make sure you are properly following the challenge, when you find each treat, you must PM both Jess and me with a link to that days treat, preferably with a screenshot.

Now, a good trick or treat haul always has its rewards. Unfortunately, we cant give you real candy but we can give you points! You will receive five points for seven or more successful days, and ten points if you get complete every single day. The seven or more days do not have to be consecutive. If you miss a day but then stumble upon a trick or treat by accident and continue from there, then you will still receive five points!

The first trick will be posted in this thread at 8:00am GMT on the 17th of October, fourteen days before Halloween.

So prepare yourselves and get your costumes ready!