Okaydokey! This is a story I have been mulling over for some time and just realized that I probably won't get to commit to it. So I leave it up to you!

The story is that Tom is at the orphanage, and a lady visits, looking to possibly adopt a child. Her name is Elizabeth Evans- who, in my head canon, is related to Lily (though how is up to you if you so decide to add that component). Elizabeth needs to have a daughter- I prefer that the daughter not be a teenager yet, nor younger than eight. Her daughter is very shy, too.

Tom is skeptical of this whole "mother" business. He knows the story of his birth, but he hasn't grasped the concept of "mother." He also doesn't understand adoption. Yet, he finds himself wanting to win over this lady and escape the orphanage that he despises so much.

Tom comes to like Elizabeth much better than Mrs. Cole, and charms Elizabeth well.

And this is where the rest is now up to you. Obviously, he doesn't get adopted, but I haven't been able to get past this point in any of my thought out versions. Sometimes, I want to just make it AU and have him be adopted, but for this story, please stay as canon as possible!

I request that this story not be above 3rd-5th year ratings, though if it really needs to be pushed to 6th-7th yrs that is fine. However, I won't read professors. And I would love to be able to read this story.

And please have minimal warnings. Please no same-sex pairing. And I would prefer there to not be a death, but if the daughter or Elizabeth is found needing to die as a crucial point to the story, that is fine!

Adopt away!!!!