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Thread: The 2012 Quicksilver Quill Awards - Results!

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    Congratulations to every single winner, and nominee. I have to say, this year was definitely the best in terms of quality of nominations. I discovered some amazing fics in my categories that I might never have read otherwise.

    Also, congratsssssssss to the FQSQs winners

    However, the real star of the day is definitely Hannah, who put in so much hard work to get these organised. You are fabulous, Hannah, and we all love you so much. Thank you for everything, you brilliant snake. Hisssssssssssssssssssss.

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    I must third the Hannah/Bob love because she has been an ever-steady rudder steering the Good Ship QSQ through stormy waters, unto the deepuntil we landed safely on the shore.

    And now I shall end the sailing analogy

    This was the fourth year I've helped judge, and I think it's been the best experience in terms of quality. Thank you, also, everyone I worked with that made this plain sailing. (TARNATION, another ship pun!)


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    Congratulations to all the winners, and to the nominees, because they're all amazing writers and their work is fantastic.

    Also, the FQSQ winners and nominees - you are all SO wonderful, and I'm sure picking the winners was impossible, given how many amazing members we have here.

    HUGE thank you to the judges for all their time, and I'd also love to add how fantastic Hannah is - the amount of work she put into the QSQ/FQSQ's is absolutely amazing. Thank you, Hannah, you mad, mad, Slytherin.
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    Yay! Congrats guys!

    Thank you to Hannah who organizes this and keeps it afloat.

    Picking winners this year was so hard.
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    You're all SO amazing! I'm so so so sad that I'm not around here much anymore, but I just HAD to come by and scream about how proud I am of Kara and you all!

    You rock all my socks off Karawr, and I love you like crazy. Congrats SO much on your so well deserved QSQ!

    And to Carole, Hannah, Gina, Julia, Jess, Alex (Proud of you Gryffie!) and everyone else, well well done on your awards!

    Missing you all!

    ~Russia xxxxx

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    Just want to chime with everyone else, thanking all the judges and leaders for their hard work, and Hannah for making it happen. Congrats to all the winners and nominees!

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