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Thread: The October Bi-weekly Challenge - Part One -RESULTS

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    The October Bi-weekly Challenge - Part One -RESULTS


    “Is it the shrewd October wind
    Brings the tears into her eyes?
    Does it blow so strong that she must fetch
    Her breath in sudden sighs?”

    William Dean Howells – Gone

    October is a dull and dreary month for us Muggles, but not so for the students of Hogwarts. Not only do they have Halloween to look forward to, but the excitement of Quidditch is rapidly gaining pace. The first match of the season may be in November, but training begins in earnest in October.

    The challenge for the next two weeks is to write a drabble involving October and Quidditch. It doesn’t have to be a match. It doesn’t have to be at Hogwarts. But there must be a Quidditch theme and it must be in October. Be creative!

    A note about drabbles. You are allowed to use a beta (we beg you to use a beta) because it’s always a great shame when we read fantastic drabbles but have to discount them because of SPaG errors.

    All drabbles should be between 300-500 words. All MNFF guidelines must be followed.


    Five points for participation – that is per entrant not per entry.
    First – 15 points
    Second – 10 points
    Third – 5 points

    The barmaids reserve the right to award more or less points and places depending on the quality of the drabbles. We have not cake-womaned anyone yet, but it could very well happen. **

    Use this form for your entry:

    PHP Code:
    B]Word Count:[/B]
    This competition will close on Monday 15th October at 9PM. And then I shall hand you over to the newest member of the team.

    Good Luck!

    ~Madam Carmerta~

    ** And just what is 'cake-womaning'? The explanation is here.
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