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Thread: The September Challenge - week 4 RESULTS!!!!!

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    The September Challenge - week 4 RESULTS!!!!!

    Ah, yes, it's the end of the journey for our hapless pupils. And what awaits them at Hogwarts? Why the Sorting of course.

    Your chosen character is about to be Sorted.

    Easy, huh?

    Well, no, because I'm chucking in a twist.

    You must Sort a character whose house is known in canon, but into a different house. Yes, I've gone AU! This challenge must involve the reasons the character is Sorted elsewhere, and what matters is that it can be backed up canonically. So, for instance, you could easily Sort Hermione into Ravenclaw because we know the Hat thought about sending her there. It's the same with Harry and Slytherin.

    Are we cool?

    Oh, and another catch. Because we already know that the Hat debated over Harry and Hermione, you're not allowed to write them.

    EDIT: It's been pointed out to me that we know the Hat debated over some others as well (McGonagall, Neville and Seamus to name but three). Therefore, I am tweaking the catch. You may write Hermione because we don't know the actual conversation, and you may also write Harry ... BUT - he can't end up in Gryffindor or Slytherin.

    Use this form for your entries

    PHP Code:
    B]Word Count:[/B]

    The rules for the September Challenge are detailed in week 1. You may read them here.

    I will close this thread next Saturday 29th September at 7PM BST.

    Have Fun!

    Madame Carmerta.
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