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Thread: Ask a Moderator

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    Smile Ask a Moderator

    Have a question that wasn't covered in the FAQ? Ask it here. Only moderators may answer questions. Answers will be given only once, so please read the thread before asking your question.

    Spam in this thread will be deleted. This includes answers given by non-moderators, questions that have already been asked and answered, and off-topic comments and/or conversation.

    Do not complain that you can't read through every page. There's a handy-dandy feauture right at the top of the thread that says Search this Thread. Put it to good use.

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    Lincos Trix

    I was just wondering what the max word limit of a chapter is?
    I cant seem to find it anyway on site or forum.

    + Lincos +

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    Smile Maximum words.

    There isn't a stated word limit for chapters, but we've found that the software gets a little squirrely around 10,000-15,000 words. If you've got a chapter that long you would do well to separate it into two parts.

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    Who won the Spring Challenge? *can't see school stuff, but wishes she could*...


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    I forgot my password on the mainsite, I tried recovering it by sending my e-mail add, but I have not seen anything on my inbox concerning about my password. Is there any possible way I could get a new one?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Mugglechump- the Summer School FAQ is Here:

    Paisa - Send a PM to MJ MNFF

    lupinslover - The spring challenge doesn't end until May 30, so no winner yet. Did you PM your HOH about returning to your house? I think we're up-to-date on returning members to houses.

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    Seventh Year Ravenclaw
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    Wales (I wish)

    Two questions

    I read the announcement about contacting a moderator if our work has been in the queue for more than 7 days, but I don't feel like being a nag (yet) So what is the average amount of time we can expect to wait before our stories are validated? Are some areas busier than others?
    Also, someone asked about the Spring Challenge winner, but being fairly new here I was wondering - what was the Spring Challenge? Can someone direct me to the right forum/board/thread? Thanks so much!

  8. 05-25-2006, 07:30 PM

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    Gmariam: In order to see the challenges you need to be sorted into a house. The Sorting Quiz will hopefully be back up soon, meanwhile there are many forums that are viewable by everyone so hopefully you won't be bored...=)

    Also, the time differs depending on the category or the time of year. Since this is exam period many of the mods will be a little busy so there may be a slightly longer wait. It shouldn't normally be too much longer than a week, though, hang in there for two or three more days.

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    This doesn't really bother me but it is something that I thought the mods should know about. I am not getting e mail updates on threads that I am subscribed to. I don't really care if I get the e mails or not, especially with the wonderul User CP which lists all threads that have replies, but I wasn't sure if others were having the problem as well. And, yes, I do have automatic e mail updates set for all of them. Thanks for all yall do!

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    AJ Seawiel
    I've been sorted into a house and I never took the quiz.. how did that happen?

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