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Thread: Ask a Moderator

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    You put a character death warning in whenever any character dies. I'm not quite sure what differentiation you were looking for.
    What I meant was do you put it on your story when you mentioned that two years ago, Harry died, or something like that, or do you put it on your story if you show the scene where Harry dies. Or both. But I get it now, thanks!

    I've got another question: Does BETA stand for anything? If not, why is it usually capitalized?

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    Story Submission

    I'm just asking if there is a problem with the story submission and validation system at the moment. I have tried over 5 times to post the same chapter, but every time it just sits there for weeks, then disappears, never getting validated. I go ahead, and repost it, and it goes into queue for validating, but the same thing keeps happening.

    I emailed 2 moderators about it, however never recieved a reply. Could you please tell me why I can't get my chapter validated. I don't want to pull my story off MNFF, however if this keeps happening, I have no other option.

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    I think 'weeks' is an exaggeration, as we generally get the stories done in a week or a little over. There could be several reasons why the chapter was rejected. Remember to submit to only one category. Multiple category submissions are automatically rejected. Run through your story and make sure there are no grammar/spelling/etc. problems. A Beta can help you through that. Also, check your formatting. Make sure there is a space between each paragraph.

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    Story Submission

    Thank you for answering, however a moderator already told me that before. I don't think the chapter is being rejected, because I never get an email telling me why it would be, and if it is, is it normal for a rejected chapter to simply disappear? I thought it would actually say "rejected".

    I made sure that my story is formatted correctly. It has spaces between paragraphs, and there are no spelling or grammar errors. It is only being submitted to one category. It has the exact same format as my other 3 chapters that are already online (I'm submitting my 4th chapter). And I wasn't exaggerating either about the weeks. First time I submitted this chapter was around May 14th. That was 2 weeks ago.

    Again, I just wanted to ask if there were problems with the system. If my chapter is being rejected, I don't know why, and therefore I can't know what to fix.

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    There has been a problem with outgoing emails. Our coders are already working on that. Yes, rejected chapters actually disappear from your account area.

    Your chapter is being rejected, I think, and that means it still needs a little work before it's ready to be posted. I would suggest members of the Beta guild, or even just an extra few pairs of eyes. We tend to be blind to the flaws of our own work, yours truly included.

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    How are house points tallyed?

    I checked the FAQ for this and tried "searching" the FAQ (a feature which seems to be disabled?) and didn't see this addressed:

    How are house points talleyed? Is it just by responding to challenges? Is there a set point count assigned per challenge?

    How are points taken away? I ask this mainly because I saw the running tally, and despite having a "40 points to Slytherin" and a "50 points to Slytherin" post, it didn't appear that Slytherin house was being granted the new points.

    Also, since I'm being a right annoying little swot, the FAQ mentions that the Sorting Quiz is currently unavailable. I don't know if the mods want to update that or not to reflect that it can be sent to you in PM, or not.


    CM Winters

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    Currently the automated sorting test is unavailable.
    Please note the word "automated." The FAQ is still correct on this point.

    If you have not yet been sorted and would like to be, you may send a PM to Harry Potter requesting a manual sorting test.
    This quote is also from the FAQ. If you're going to split hairs, please take the time to select a hair worth splitting.

    Currently the house points are being tallied by hand by our resident mathematician. I believe she uses an abacus.

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    To elaborate on your question, cmwinters, that error was pointed out by a Slytherin. But, if there's a problem the point checker will fix it. They are basically regular posts with fancier formatting. Nothing automated, just us going in and changing the numbers and saying why

    I have to correct you Mandy - someone broke Karin's abacus, so now she's just using the loose beads to count.

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    I have a question.
    I originally PM'ed this to RobinMNFF, as he/she is the mod for The Room of Requirement forum.
    I seem to remember on the old forum character/character groups appreciation threads, for example 'The Severus Snape appreciation' thread. Where members could talk about their favourite characters and form a type of fan club for them.
    Is this still aloud? If so, is The Room of Requirement forum the right place to create this type of thread?
    I was thinking about creating a 'Regulus Black appreciation' thread or maybe a 'Black family appreciation' thread.

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    I think we've decided to not have those threads anymore.

    I'm hoping another mod corrects me if I'm wrong.

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