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Thread: The Hogsmeade Creature Feature!

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    Title: A bad day's work
    Ratings/Warnings:1st-2nd years, none

    Pulling in the catch of the day, I found the nets completely destroyed. Fingering the frayed edge of the nets, I was puzzled. The maps charted no rocks here for miles around and down.

    I turned to my father.

    “How did this happen!” he scolded.

    “I don’t know.” I hung my head.

    He hauled up his net, and found exactly the same thing. He shook his head, rubbed his eyes, not wanting to believe it. Then he stared at the fish floundering on the deck, snapping away at the net.

    “Son,” he said. “I think we just caught a Shrake.”

    I leave Skrewts!
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    Creature: Skrewt
    Title: A Very Proud Hagrid
    Ratings/Warnings:1st-2nd years, none

    Hagrid looked down at the strange creature in his hand. It was strange, for sure, but beautiful. Wonderful. He hadn’t ever seen anything like it. As he gently pet the creature’s slimy skin, he murmured to himself, “What should I name the beast?” As he was thinking and petting the creature, it answered for him by shooting a spark out of the end of it, causing it to nearly fly out of his giant hand. Blast-Ended… Skrewt. He smiled, proud of himself at the making of the name and the creature itself.
    “Blast-ended skrewt,” he repeated, grinning. “They’ll love it.”

    And I leave you....

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    Nagini Riddle
    *claims pygmy puff*
    Title: A Distraction
    Creature: Pygmy Puff
    Ratings/Warnings: for those with siblings; annoying brothers

    They rolled around in the cages, emitting cutesy squeaks. Ginny sighed at how adorable the tiny creatures were and she wanted to just pick one up and cuddle with it.

    She had an ulterior motive for being distracted by the pygmy puffs. George and Fred would not shut up about her love life, and instead of flying off the handle like she wanted to do, she composed herself by imagining what it would be like to own one of those little creatures, especially since they weren’t big, nosy brothers that babbled on incessantly. No, they were fun-loving spirits, like her.

    *I leave you...

    a three-headed dog
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    *snaps a leash on the three-headed dog*

    Creature: Three-Headed Dog
    Title: Puppy Training
    Rating/Warnings: 1st - 2nd Years
    Author's Notes:

    “Drop it!” Hagrid commanded.

    Fluffy’s heads stopped playing tug-of-war with the book. The three-headed puppy leapt onto Hagrid, planting two massive paws on his chest. What was left of How To Train Your Three-Headed Dog lay in a puddle of drool near the fire.

    “Sit!” Hagrid desperately added, while being thoroughly licked by three massive tongues.

    Fluffy was too excited to sit. He was wagging his tail so hard that he cleared the dishes off the table. The resulting crash distracted him and he hurried over to sniff the broken china. He then raised a hind leg.

    “No!” roared Hagrid.

    And I leave you with a


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    Gimme gimme gimme! *claimed*

    I leave a....a...a..a.

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    Nagini Riddle
    Snatches billywig!

    Title: Better than Life
    Creature: Billywig
    Ratings/Warnings: not for people who want to go looking for billywigs! (:P) Oh, and beware giddiness.

    She poked around the bushes, eagerly searching for some berries. But as her hand brushed aside a certain branch, she felt an awful sting.

    Instantly, she began to feel giddy, and she noticed a bright blue insect fleeing away that looked suspiciously like a billywig.

    But her cares deserted her as she began to float above the various bushes. Laughter infused her soul, and she found that her mind had become a blank canvas, filled with misty fog.

    Smiling, she stretched out her arms, wanting to float forever. This was bliss. This was certainly far better than her own life.

    And you get:

    A Troll!
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    snatches Troll

    and leaves you with...

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    Creature: Grindylow
    Title: The Ban
    Rating/Warnings: 1st - 2nd Years
    Author's Notes: The start of the ill-planned Grindylow War of 1837. (idek I'm making stuff up, lol)

    “It is our feeling,” - cough, cough, does the man ever stop coughing? - “mine and the faculty’s, that the grindylows in the Black Lake pose too grave a threat to our students, even in the shallows. Starting this year, we are imposing a ban on swimming or wading in the lake.” A chorus of groans rises up from the students. I add mine. So Harold Grimpen ran afoul of a few grindylows, he lived, didn’t he? Besides, he’s a numskull and everyone knows it.

    “Hey, Larsen.” I turn. Seymour’s grinning impishly. “Wanna prove any decent student can take ‘em?”

    And I leave you


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    Nagini Riddle
    *Searches for the mooncalf in order to claim it.*

    Creature: Mooncalf
    Title: Grand Adage
    Ratings/warnings: only for dancers :P ; lots of dancing
    Author's note: So I wrote a poem...

    The silver queen o’ercoming
    The golden son,
    Luminous and alluring in all
    Her splendor aglow,
    Hung as silvery aspen leaves
    From an ebony night.
    The mooncalves come leaping,
    Their blue tint shimmering,
    Levitating among the silent air,
    A tribute to dance unto
    Their gleaming sovereign.
    Their mutual plea sent heavenward,
    Amidst the spiraling stars hued
    Spectral white and inky purple.
    The mooncalves revolving,
    As graceful as the dying swans
    When her majesty reigns.
    Her strength waxing with each
    Elegant adagio, each
    Poised faille, each
    Refined fouetté en tournant.
    Their performance complete-
    Encore! Encore!-
    In quiet servitude do
    Glissade gently away.

    And the next happy victim has-

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    *removes all jewellery and scoops up the Niffler*

    Creature: Niffler
    Title: Buried Treasure
    Rating/Warnings: 1st - 2nd Years
    Author's Notes: A summer's day at Shell Cottage when Victoire thinks she's too mature to play pirates.

    “Come on, Victoire!” Dominique squealed, donning a pirate’s hat.

    Victoire sighed, “Maybe later.”

    “But you’ll miss finding the treasure!” Louis added.

    Victoire rolled her eyes. “Playing pirates is for babies. Besides, you aren’t going to find anything. You don’t even have a map.”

    Dominique and Louis looked completely crestfallen. Bill then made a startling appearance in full pirate costume. “Argh! There be plenty of ways to find treasure without a map!” He resumed his normal voice and pulled a struggling creature out of nowhere. “I borrowed a Niffler from work.”


    Victoire couldn’t help but ask, “Can I come too?”

    and leaves a


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