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Thread: The Hogsmeade Creature Feature!

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    Nagini Riddle
    Creature: Cornish Pixies, those devilish little blighters
    Title: The Memorable Moment
    Ratings/Warnings: 1-2 yrs; mocking of teacher...
    Author's Note: All Seamus' point of view!!!!

    “Cornish Pixies?” Seamus laughed at Lockhart. He saw their electric-blue color and small beady eyes, whizzing around the cage, so tiny and not seemingly dangerous at all. He wondered just what Lockhart was trying to teach them, and felt that the flourishing of his cloak was all just a ploy to have the girls sigh at him. Lockhart really was full of himself.

    Lockhart only stupidly grinned, flashing his teeth, his hair perfectly coifed, his clothing immaculate, ready to show off his prowess. He bent to the cage door and released them.

    Pandemonium ensued, and Lockhart bolted out the door.

    And I leave you...


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    And Here is my prompt


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    Creature: Bowtruckles
    Title: The Mighty Hunter
    Ratings/Warnings: 1-2 yrs
    Author's Note: No Bowtruckles were harmed in the writing of this drabble.

    The bright orange eyes narrowed as they followed their prey, watching the small figure carelessly dance along the leaves of the gnarled old oak tree. The mighty hunter crouched in eager anticipation. He’d spent the entire afternoon working himself into the ideal hiding place, perfectly camouflaged amongst the autumn leaves. This time he would not miss. His muscles rippled as he prepared to pounce.

    “Crookshanks!” Hermione called out in irritation. “Leave those Bowtruckles alone and get down here at once!”

    The feline merely flicked his tail in reply.

    Accio Crookshanks!”

    Crookshanks yowled in annoyance as his mistress summoned him back.

    And I leave you with:


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    using rare and complicated words
    Grabs 'ze Grindylow'

    It stared at him, its ghoulish eyes full of reproach, and for a moment, Remus felt a twinge of guilt at keeping the creature confined in the aquarium. He opened the tank, sprinkling fish eggs onto the surface of the water and watched as it reached out with one long, brittle finger to scoop the food into its mouth.

    “I need to teach them,” he muttered apologetically as it eyed him balefully.

    Under the water, its green skin looked as iridescent as the moon.

    Remus shuddered; if only he could break the moon’s grip as easily as the Grindylow’s fingers.

    Leaves with .... Uhm ........

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    Creature: Banshee
    Title: He Found Love In A Hopeless Place
    Rating/Warnings: none
    Author's Notes:

    The moor is bleak, grey, and never-ending. Rodolphus Lestrange moves across the land, walking, walking, walking, not knowing where to go as long as it is far from those wretches who want to lock him up.

    It’s so dark that he doesn’t see her at first. Then there is a thin black shape emerging through the fog—a woman who seems so familiar and for a moment… yes, for a moment he feels her name upon his lips.


    She turns. He stumbles, clutching at the tussock.

    “No,” he gasps. “No.”

    The banshee opens its mouth and begins to wail.

    And I leave you with... dun dun dunnnnnn...


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    Nagini Riddle
    Creature: Nargles
    Title: Scaring Poor Boys
    Ratings/Warnings: firsties; embarassment
    A/N: Luna and Neville, under mistletoe...

    The Christmas lights were shining like the stars above, and Luna was snuggled up by a fire, singing soft carols. Nobody paid her any mind, being too rambunctious with their partying.

    Humming serenely, Luna got up to grab some hot chocolate. As she did so, she bumped into Neville, who was red-faced and started stuttering at her appearance.

    “Happy Christmas, Neville,” she said dreamily and looked up at the ceiling in her usual manner. Neville followed her perturbing gaze and then paled. They were under some mistletoe.

    Neville ran for it, ashen faced. Luna sighed. “Those nargles, scaring poor boys!”

    And the next victim has...

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    *snatches merfolk*

    Creature: Mermaids
    Title: Slipped away
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd-5th
    Author's Notes:

    We're both ducked behind that giant sunken statue, listening to the unearthly screams of the Mermaids, all other sound dulled by the mass of water around us.

    Go, she mouths at me.

    I know what she wants to do. It's part of our contingency plan. But I can't; I know it's the only way that we're going to get to the chest, but I can't let her do this. I can't let her sacrifice herself.

    I shake my head vehemently, but she just grabs my face and crashes her mouth onto mine. In my confusion, I let her swim away.

    And I leave you... a Kappa!
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    Peppermint Toads

    Next: A Crup!
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    Creature: Crup
    Title: An Excellent Judge of Character
    Rating/Warnings: 1st - 2nd Years
    Author's Notes:

    Dolores Umbridge firmly pressed a stubby finger to the doorbell. Her smile flickered upon hearing barking. Helen Zabini eventually opened the door, accompanied by her pet. Umbridge managed to wedge a foot in it, preventing Helen from closing it again.

    “I’m here on behalf of the Ministry to inquire about your lineage,” she announced.

    “Are you?”

    “Yes, now if you’d just let me inside…” Umbridge prompted. The beast lunged and Umbridge took a step back. “And control that dog!”

    “It’s a Crup,” Helen corrected. “They don’t like Muggles.” She then slammed the door shut, deciding the matter to be closed.

    Next up:


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    Nagini Riddle
    Claimed!!!!!! (Nogtail)

    EDIT: Here is my drabble!
    Creature: Nogtail
    Title: Out on the Farm
    Ratings/Warnings: for farmers; nuisances?

    The farmer rubbed his eyes of sleep, looking out at the dawn. Today he was going to harvest the corn, and hopefully get a large bundle of it. He was also going to bathe the pigs, milk the cows (again), and maybe even get to ride the horses.

    But as he went out the door, a man dressed in the strangest set of clothing stopped him. “Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to stay inside. We caught wind of the nogtail on your farm and we are going to chase it out.”

    The man could only stare dumbfoundly…

    *And I leave you...

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