Creature: Cornish Pixies, those devilish little blighters
Title: The Memorable Moment
Ratings/Warnings: 1-2 yrs; mocking of teacher...
Author's Note: All Seamus' point of view!!!!

“Cornish Pixies?” Seamus laughed at Lockhart. He saw their electric-blue color and small beady eyes, whizzing around the cage, so tiny and not seemingly dangerous at all. He wondered just what Lockhart was trying to teach them, and felt that the flourishing of his cloak was all just a ploy to have the girls sigh at him. Lockhart really was full of himself.

Lockhart only stupidly grinned, flashing his teeth, his hair perfectly coifed, his clothing immaculate, ready to show off his prowess. He bent to the cage door and released them.

Pandemonium ensued, and Lockhart bolted out the door.

And I leave you...