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Thread: The Hogsmeade Creature Feature!

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    The Hogsmeade Creature Feature!

    All the witches and wizards here in Hogsmeade village love our magical creatures, both great big ones like giants and small ones like Bowtruckles. And, we also like drabbling, so...

    Welcome to the Creature Feature I Challenge Thee!

    In this thread, we will be writing 100 word drabbles in the style of I Challenge Thee. The prompts will be, you guessed it, magical creatures. For those who haven't done I Challenge Thee before, basically, a prompt is set in the original post for the challenge. Someone claims that challenge (first come, first serve) and completes it while leaving a challenge for the next person to complete, and so on. Our challenge theme is magical creatures, so all challenges set must be the name of a magical creature. Each time a creature is claimed, the person who claims that creature must leave a new creature as a prompt for the next person and then write a 100 word (no more, no less) drabble featuring that Potter critter's name. There are, of course, criteria that must be met:

    ~All drabbles must be exactly 100 words by either hand-count or MSWord count.
    ~The name of the claimed creature MUST appear at some point in the drabble.
    ~Any claims made must be completed before further claims can be made.
    ~Drabbles not meeting the length requirement will not earn points.
    ~Each qualifying drabble will earn two points each, with no limit.
    ~Participants MUST wait for at least two other people to go before making a new claim.
    ~All claim posts must contain a prompt. You may claim and edit in the drabble later, but the prompt has to be in the claim post.
    ~All creatures MUST be magical creatures found in canon or in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. No made-up creatures or mythical ones not deemed magical by the Word of JKR.
    ~Affix each drabble with the following form:
    PHP Code:
    [B]Creature: [/B]
    B]Title: [/B]
    B]Rating/Warnings: [/B]
    B]Author's Notes: [/B] 

    I think that should about cover it. Direct all questions to the Ask a Chaperone thread, and with that, the first prompt is:


    Now, allons-y!
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    using rare and complicated words
    Creature: Chimaera
    Title: Mountain-climbing
    Rating/Warnings: Character Death
    Author's Notes: Dai Llewellyn is canon, as is the manner of his death.

    He wanted to die in the air. A heart attack as he scored the winning goal for Wales in the Quidditch World Cup.

    Dai Llewellyn was mountain climbing in Greece when he stepped on a twig. He heard something purr. Shielding his eyes from the sun, Dai peered around him until he found the source of the noise.

    “Aren’t you sweet?” he whispered, stroking the lion cub’s back, right down to his scaly tail.

    He froze. “Merlin, you’re a chimaera!”

    Terrified, he stumbled backwards, slipping over the jagged cliff edge.

    He had wanted to die in the air.

    He did.

    I leave you with ...

    (flicks through magical beasts)



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    Creature: Fire Crab
    Title: The Holiday
    Rating/Warnings: 1st-2nd years; implied nudity and singed flesh
    Author's Notes: Chudley foreverrrrrr.

    The beach was empty. Dudley Dursley lay on his stomach, listening to the hiss of the Pacific Ocean. Cho lay beside him, probably reading.


    He lifted himself up with his elbows, blinking at her.

    “Fire crab,” she whispered.

    There, flaring its bottom at his feet, was a large, turtle-like creature, which seemed to be covered with sparkling jewels on its shell. Before she could say anything, Dudley grabbed Cho’s book and launched it behind him at the crab.

    “No!” Cho cried, but it was too late.


    A bright flame shot from the crab’s bottom right onto his own.

    And I leave you with (roaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar)...

    The Antipodean Opaleye

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    Creature: The Antipodean Opaleye
    Title: Curiosity caught the dragons eye.
    Rating/Warnings: 1st-2nd years;
    Author's Notes: This is my first attempt at something like this. So forgive me if I've done anything wrongly.

    It was a bright sunny day as the Antipodean Opaleye flew over the green hills of Scotland, it’s eyes darting from side to side as he searched for whom he was detained to find.

    Passing over a large castle he noticed activity, swooping down to take a closer look. He landed and watched as a scruffy, half charred black haired boy flew along on a broom chased by a fellow Dragon.

    He knew this was the one he sought, the boy flew more skilfully than himself and spoke out.


    The boy jumped and replied,


    “I’m Dracion”

    “I’m Harry”

    I leave you with a Unicorn
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    Nagini Riddle
    Creature: Unicorns!!!!
    Title: Into the Forest
    Ratings/Warnings: Definately first years; nightmarish situation?
    Author's note: Poor Draco!!!!

    The forest was foreboding, blacker than vile night and rustling with shadows.

    Draco didn't want to admit that he was a coward, especially with Potter right there by him. So he put on his best sneer face and strut along side Potter.

    He didn't count on coming across the monster feeding upon the pure white unicorn.

    He screamed bloody murder and ran, all sense of dignity lost. He just had to be faster than Potter- then he would survive.

    He tripped over the gnarled tree roots, frantically searching for the giant Hagrid, where he knew safety would abound.

    Darkness stretched...

    Next prompt: Snakes! Okay, just kidding. A Manticore...

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    Creature: Manticore
    Title: Rise of the Blast-Ended Skrewts
    Rating/Warnings: 1st-2nd years; The Birds and the Bees
    Author's Notes: Manticores are "sentient beings capable of intelligent speech" and Hagrid likes "interestin'" creatures and I need to exercise my wrists.

    “What I want,” cried the manticore after a gigantic burp, “is a wife! My kind are dying, Hagrid. I must procreate.”

    Hagrid poured more wine into his friend’s bowl. “Orcus,” he mumbled, “I reckon I might be able ter find yeh a mate.”

    “You do?”

    He nodded, pointing a finger at a crate from which small balls of fire erupted. “Lola won’t be what yeh have in mind, but she’ll do all righ’.”

    Orcus eyed the crate beadily, his throat humming. Then he sprang up and stalked towards it.

    Hagrid grinned. The fourth-year students were in for an interesting treat.

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    using rare and complicated words

    Creature: Lethifold
    Title: Honeymoon
    Rating/Warnings: 1st-2nd Character Death
    Author's Notes: mwahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha

    “It’s all my fault,” sobbed the young bride. “I so badly wanted to see something of the world, and Chester suggested this exotic honeymoon only to please me”

    The Auror studied the bed, noting the absence of any evidence.

    “What did you see?” he asked.

    “A thick cloak slithering over him. I’m afraid I panicked and ran from the room.”

    A Lethifold. Attacks had been on the increase for a while, and it was hardly the fault of this sweet girl that her husband had been caught.

    He patted her hand. “There was nothing you could have done, Mrs Zabini.”

    And I leave you with ...

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    Nagini Riddle
    Creature: Fwooooooooooooper... whatever that is
    Title: Entranced By More Than Song
    Ratings/Warnings: For all those who do not want to be taken in by the bird's character, do not read further! (:P)
    Author's notes: I want a fwooper!

    She found the bright colors engaging and she reached out to stroke the bird, sighing at the touch of the feathers. The bird cocked its head, his colors capturing the sunlight.

    “I’ll take it!” she told the manager, still entranced by the bright colors.

    “You have a license?” the bird keeper asked.

    She gave him a blank look. “License?”

    “The fwooper bird is not just some pet. You need a license to own one, miss.”

    She folded her arms, but didn’t argue. “Why is he so silent?”

    The keeper paled. “For everyone’s safety. You don’t want to hear its song!”

    And your prompt is....


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    Creature: Erumpent
    Title: One Way or Another, I'm Gonna Find Ya, I'm Gonna Getcha Getcha
    Rating/Warnings: 1st-2nd years; Possible Erumpent Horn Detonation, or Horn Detonation of another kind.
    Author's Notes: I really like Rolf/Luna.

    “I told you, Rolf!” cried Luna to the wizard who was sitting on a huge rock. “The Crumple-Horned Snorkack exists. We’ve found it!”

    “It’s an Erumpent,” Rolf said calmly.

    Luna shook her head, her radish earrings dangling madly. “It’s a Snorkack. Just look at the crumpled horn.” When he didn’t turn around to confirm, she snapped. “You won’t even bother to check.”

    With a heavy sigh, Rolf acquiesced and then said, “That can be a Snorkack on only one condition.”


    “You’ll have a drink with me tonight,” he stated.

    She left, ignoring him as he followed with a chuckle.

    And, with that, I raise you a ...

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    Creature: Nundu
    Title: Saviour
    Rating/Warnings: 1st-2nd years; Character Death
    Author's Notes: I had an extreme temptation to call this ‘The Forest Again’. By the way, the saviour is Lorcan.

    Her mother had warned her not to go. But it had been so beautiful; she couldn’t stay away. She had to see it again.

    Moving silently, as the leopard had, the little girl crept from the house at dawn, sneaking towards the jungle’s edge.

    She stalked rustling leaves, certain that it was her leopard there, waiting for her. She just knew.

    Bursting from the bush, a man shouted as the leopard turned.

    “Lysander! Run! It is a Nundu!”

    He grabbed the girl, throwing her into the leaves and out of the Nundu’s path.

    The leopard breathed…

    He breathed no more.

    Leaving behind, in true Lockhart style, a cage of
    Cornish Pixies
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