All the witches and wizards here in Hogsmeade village love our magical creatures, both great big ones like giants and small ones like Bowtruckles. And, we also like drabbling, so...

Welcome to the Creature Feature I Challenge Thee!

In this thread, we will be writing 100 word drabbles in the style of I Challenge Thee. The prompts will be, you guessed it, magical creatures. For those who haven't done I Challenge Thee before, basically, a prompt is set in the original post for the challenge. Someone claims that challenge (first come, first serve) and completes it while leaving a challenge for the next person to complete, and so on. Our challenge theme is magical creatures, so all challenges set must be the name of a magical creature. Each time a creature is claimed, the person who claims that creature must leave a new creature as a prompt for the next person and then write a 100 word (no more, no less) drabble featuring that Potter critter's name. There are, of course, criteria that must be met:

~All drabbles must be exactly 100 words by either hand-count or MSWord count.
~The name of the claimed creature MUST appear at some point in the drabble.
~Any claims made must be completed before further claims can be made.
~Drabbles not meeting the length requirement will not earn points.
~Each qualifying drabble will earn two points each, with no limit.
~Participants MUST wait for at least two other people to go before making a new claim.
~All claim posts must contain a prompt. You may claim and edit in the drabble later, but the prompt has to be in the claim post.
~All creatures MUST be magical creatures found in canon or in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. No made-up creatures or mythical ones not deemed magical by the Word of JKR.
~Affix each drabble with the following form:
PHP Code:
[B]Creature: [/B]
B]Title: [/B]
B]Rating/Warnings: [/B]
B]Author's Notes: [/B] 

I think that should about cover it. Direct all questions to the Ask a Chaperone thread, and with that, the first prompt is:


Now, allons-y!