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Thread: A Very Potter Pumpkin-Carving Contest!

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    A Very Potter Pumpkin-Carving Contest!

    What is Halloween, you might ask, without the odd jack-o-lantern or two? We say that it's just not the same, and we hope you agree! With that brings our first challenge for your weekend out of Hogwarts!

    Your challenge, my friends, is to draw a design for a pumpkin carving that reflects the Harry Potter universe. You can choose from one of two themes:

    ~Carvings with the Harry Potter logo or other things that symbolise our real world ties to Harry Potter, OR
    ~Carvings that one might find on the front step of a wizarding home, with silhouetted creatures that a wizard/witch might find spooky, or maybe something deeply embedded in wizarding lore.

    What you choose and how you use it are up to you. You can either affix your design on a picture of a pumpkin to show what it would look like in use, or you can have a white or orange backdrop with the carved bit in black or yellow (like it's lit). Remember that carved pumpkins require that any bits in the centre still be attached by segments of pumpkin, so please submit designs that could theoretically function the way they're supposed to. The more creative, the better. I might even award extra points to anyone that makes me laugh out loud or nod vigorously in approval.

    Naturally, you will earn points for participation, regardless of whether you place. Each participant's FIRST qualifying entry (meets the criteria of the challenge) will receive five points, and every subsequent entry will receive an additional two. There is no limit on participation in this challenge except your imagination.

    Please use the following form for each entry:
    PHP Code:
    [B]Name: [/B]
    B]House: [/B]
    B]Design Title: [/B](+ Link)
    B]Designer's Notes: [/B] 

    With all that out of the way, let's get started. Direct any questions toward the Ask a Chaperone thread in this forum. All entries are due in this thread on Halloween by end of day/midnight US Pacific Time.
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