Hey, I know you said you don't like AU but would you mind checking mine out? It's my first fanfiction and While I have a friend looking over it I could use a real beta. I can Email what I have so far so you can read it and tell me if you are interested. I'm going to post the Summary here to see if you want to take a look.

Eva Winters Book Oneeath Eaters Rising

After the Battle, Professor Trelawney has a new vision. The savior shall be a Muggle-born girl with no knowledge of the magic world. Four years after and events start to unfold. Mysteries unravel, adversaries gather, new and old faces show themselves. Will this ordinary girl, who never led anything, be able to save the world? With the help of friends, can she finally step-up? AU

*English - Adventure/Fantasy
*Chapters: 10

AU. (In this Universe many of the characters have not died but they will have a place in the plot.)


What if, after the Dark Lords fall at the battle of Hogwarts, Professor Trelawney had a second vision? What if that vision predicted one of Voldemort's followers rising up to take his place and bring back the remaining death eaters?

What would happen if an ancient and dark magical item, lost since the age of the founders, is the one item able to bend the rules of magic and bring back Voldemort's spirit?

What if many of the characters that died in the books somehow survived in a alternate universe? And what if there is a now new savior, a muggle-born witch unknown to anyone, including herself?

Follow Eva winters and a whole cast of new characters, along with a bunch of old faces as well, as trouble starts at once again Hogwarts.

Mysteries unravel, adversaries gather, new and old faces show themselves, and as always, the trouble starts at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Many challenges await her. Does she have what it takes to save them? Find out!

(Chapter 3(mostly 5) and on is where it starts to get real fun!)

And that is a only small bit of what my story is. Please answer this!