Hi! You were such a great beta before, would you be up for beta-ing a one-shot for me?

Username: Eleanor Lupin
Title of Story: I still need a title, actually. The only thing I can think of so far is I Remember
Genre: Romance
Ships: Eloise Midgen/Hannah Abbot (unrequited)
Drabble, One-Shot, Short Chaptered, or Long Chaptered: One-shot, and a fairly short one, at that.
Approximate Word/Chapter Count: 2000-3000 words.
Permanent Y/N: Well it's a one-shot, but I should be writing more cotillion fics so maybe.
Summary: Well, I don't have a very good summary yet, but it's from Eloise's POV, and it takes place after the battle. It's mostly her remembering what should have been a nice day with her friend except Eloise made things kind of awkward.
Anything You Want Me To Pay Extra Attention To/Why Do You Want A Beta: Well I really want to make this feel real, so characterisation and that sort of thing is really important. Also, I need this to be done pretty quickly - my claim expires at the end of the day on Monday. I know this is kind of a tall order, so if you're not up for it, just say so.

Thanks so much!