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    isadora duncan

    Aubrey Harlow Lively

    Hi! My name is Harlow.

    Okay, fine. That's my middle name. But its what everybody calls me. I mean, really, what kind of name is Aubrey? I don't have a clue what pills my parents were taking when they named me that, but they should be confiscated IMMEDIATELY!

    I am also a metamorphagus. Yeah. Pretty. Darn. Cool. Especially handy with trouble-making. My favorite hobby.

    Oh, you probably don't want to hear about my name rant. You want to hear about the awesome-ness that is moi! I guess I must give the people what they want.

    Lets start at the beginning. Hogwarts. Great pranking material. Horrifically easy to get dung-bombs. (SOMETHING UNINTELLIGIBLE IN BACKGROUND)

    Oh, you don't want to hear about pranks, you want to hear what year I'm in, house, best friends, etc.

    Okay. I am in the fifth year. (OWLs are exhausting! Be lucky this is what I use my free time to do. Even though I mayhave cut out a tiny bit of studying.)

    A lot of studying. But what use is Transfiguration to a charm-breaker. Since when does busting into two-thousand-year-old tombs require Transfiguration? Name one time when I will need to turn a bench into a pineapple and I will study. Maybe.

    Oh. Sorry, got a little off topic there. I am in Gryffindor. I don't really have any best friends. I get along with the fifth year boys well enough (A/N The Marauders). We're kind of partners-in-crime. Or used to be. The girls are alright. They think its amusing when I use my Metamorph powers to prank the guys. I am kind of a loner.

    I am a half-blood (Or, technically, quarter-blood. Not that it matters. Some people just like to know.) My dad is a half-blood and mum is pure-blood. She was one of those break-away misfits who breaks away from her family and marries whoever the heck she wants.

    I guess that's the basics. Please ask questions!

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    Nice to meet you, Harlow. I understand about horrid names.

    Do you have any siblings?

    Is one of your parents also a metamorphmagus?

    What is your favorite prank to pull? Favorite victim?

    Say a mummy breaks out of a tomb. A mummy who only eats pineapples and all you have to transfigure is a bench. Good luck on your OWLs.
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    A note to the author: a girl who is the same age as the Marauders would probably not be named Aubrey Harlow. The Baby Name Voyager at babynamewizard [dot] com is a great tool for naming characters from different eras--you can type in a name and it gives you popularity rankings for various years. For instance, there were virtually no girls named Aubrey born before the 1960s, and it didn't become popular until around 2004. Same goes for Harlow, which isn't really on the charts until 2009.

    It's totally fine for your character to have a name that isn't popular; JKR does it all the time. But when JKR gives her characters unusual names, they're often really out-there (think Hermione, Nymphadora, etc.), or they have a special meaning behind them (like Remus, which connects with the myth of Remus and Romulus, or Sirius, which connects with the Dog Star). Aubrey Harlow isn't out-there, it just reads as a trendy name from the wrong era, which can take your readers out of the story.

    Questions for Aubrey:
    Why do you want to be a charm-breaker? (note: I think they're actually referred to as 'curse-breakers' in the books)
    Why are you and the marauders no longer 'partners in crime'?
    Who's your favorite professor?
    Besides pranking, what do you like to do in your spare time?
    Do you have any pets?
    What's your most embarrassing memory?
    What are you most proud of?
    Who do you look up to most?

    Good luck! She sounds like she has a strong voice so far!

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    You mention you're a metamorphagus, what kind of things do like to do with your powers?

    New chapter is out now!

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    isadora duncan
    I I decided Audrey Artemis would be a better name. I woukd like for her to be referred to as Artemis. I think it captures her adventurous spirit. Thanks!

    Sorry, it has been a little while, hasn't it?

    I was studying for the OWLs, thanks to a certain Lost_Robin.

    Now, for the questions.

    Do you have any siblings?

    No, just no. I don't think I woukd be able to stand it. I am too competitive for siblings. Its one of my worst flaws. And selfishness. And arrogance. And my temper. And general not shutting up. Oh, and impatience.

    Don't let that guide you though. I am a good person. When I feel like it. If I feel like it.

    Wait. What were we talking about. Oh, yeah, siblings. How in the hell did we get to talking about flaws?

    Never mind. Next question.
    Is one of your parents also a metamorphagus?

    No. But I think I had a few aunts/uncles/grandmothers/other relatives whi were ones. Those are the ones in the portrait hall with the funny hair colors not found in nature. Yhat or theh were very experimental. Emphasise on mental.

    What is your favorite prank to pull? Favorite victim?

    My motto: We do not discriminate against pranks. Or pudding. But mostly pranks.

    I made it up all by myself.

    Favorite victims?

    The unsuspecting ones. They never know whats coming. I love pran

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