Recently the MNFF staff has discovered several members have created multiple accounts. This is in violation of our rules.

When these accounts were discovered, the member was notified on all accounts by private message. Because this was not an isolated incident, the staff decided to post here to make everyone away of the consequences of such a violation of the rules.

When it is discovered that a member has multiple accounts, you will be notified by private message on all of your accounts that the following will occur:

1} All accounts will be locked for one month. Please do not think that you can just create a new account during this month. The staff will be doing random checks for your IP address during this month, and that account will be discovered resulting in further disciplinary action.

2} During this month, you will need to contact admins via the staff email, mnffstaff1@gmail.com , and tell them which of your usernames you wish to have reinstated. This username will be reactivated under a moderated status for a period of one month. During this time, your posts will have to be approved by a moderator before they will show to the forum. If you keep to the rules of the board, then you will be given full user status at the end of the month.

3} If you do not contact the admins as to which username you want to have reinstated, none of your usernames will be reinstated until we hear from you. If you create a new username at the end of the month without contacting an admin via the email address above, it will only just be deactivated.

If you have multiple accounts and contact us prior to us finding them ourselves, then we can deactivate the other accounts leaving you with just one account. There will be no locking of your account if you contact us before we find it ourselves.

You may think that because you have gotten away with having multiple accounts for years that we won’t figure it out, but with the upgrades to the forums, we now have tools in place to find multiple accounts registered to the same IP and/or email address much easier.

The MNFF Staff