I have a few questions about being an Auror.

Both the HPL and HPW say that protecting important people was part of an Auror's job. We see it in the series. How important do you think these people had to be? Would they perhaps be assigned to protect a member of the Wizengamut who had been threatened?

What if that threat was from a werewolf? There is a werewolf capture unit in the MoM, but they are presumably trained to capture werewolves, not protect human targets. So I'm still putting my Aurors on it, but I'd think there would be some contact with the werewolf division. Only how?

How would Aurors communicate with one another if they needed backup? I keep thinking of the Patronus, but that was used by the Order. I keep thinking of the Dark Mark, but obviously they didn't have tattoos. But neither did they have a phone in their pocket or an owl on their shoulder. How did they communicate? There had to have been a way. I've read a few ideas in fanfic but I don't want to copy those.

At what point in the first war were Aurors given the authority to use Unforgivables? Before Voldemort was vanquished or after, when they were rounding up the DEs?

I'm sure I'll have a few more as I write...thanks!!