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Thread: Gryffindor storms the pitch...

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    Madame Marauder

    Gryffindor storms the pitch...

    This is were our QWC entry will be posted. We will begin posting soon.

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    Madame Marauder
    The sky was a steely gray and filled with stormy clouds. Dorothy Gale, captain and Chaser for the Kansas Crashers, looked out at the pitch. There was definitely a twister brewing in those clouds. As unfortunate as that was, Dorothy couldn’t help but smile—the Crashers had played in tornadoes often, but the Appleby Arrows seldom did. Mother Nature was not going to stop the Crashers; she was their ally and friend.

    Looking at her teammates, Dorothy knew that she wasn’t the only one who was silently thanking the ominous storm clouds. She adjusted her goggles and thunder boomed overhead.

    One hundred words, on the dot!

    Go, go, Gryffindor!!!

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    They were lucky that Mother Nature was on their side. Earlier, the Seeker, Cody Lawrence, had drawn her aside. A very honest individual, Lawrence had told her that Chaser Bryan Thompson had gotten into an argument with the Arrows’ seeker. The two had argued for several minutes when Thompson had drawn his wand. The rest of the team had immediately pulled him away, but there was now bad blood between the two teams.

    She wanted to win. She wanted to show those Arrows that they were all talk. And with luck, the tornado would help her to do just that.
    Another 100 words to our ficlet...

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    The shriek of a whistle filled Dorothy’s ears and pulled her from her thoughts. The referee, Anna Mullins, was signaling for the captains to shake hands. Dorothy tentatively reached the Arrows’ captain, William Ackerman, and held out her hand. As Ackerman gripped it tightly, she couldn’t help but notice the hint of malice glinting in his eyes.

    “I want a fair game from you lot,” Mullins said loudly, breaking the tension. “No need to injure anyone.”

    Dorothy couldn’t help but smirk. She could feel the rivalry building and knew the game had the possibility to turn ugly within minutes.
    Another 100. Hope you guys enjoy it. Three in one day- we're on a roll!

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    Secret Akasha
    Adam Castillo, one of the Beaters for the Kansas team, flashed a toothy grin as the snapping air whipped his long black hair into wild spikes and tufts. He had predicted that a humdinger of cyclone might put in an appearance at the Crashers-Arrows match. The black clouds marching across the sky made him want to do a little dance of joy. As he zipped around the pitch, he took note of the changing wind speed and direction, and he tallied up the tactical benefits that the burgeoning storm would produce. Folks didn't call him "The Weatherman" for nothing.
    All-righty then! 100 more words! Someone post soon so we can keep up the momentum!

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    Madame Marauder
    Kansas’ other Beater, Sierra Nelson, looked at Adam’s grin.

    “And why is the Weatherman smiling so big today?” she asked teasingly.

    “There’s going to be a big twister. Talk about home pitch advantage.” Adam gripped his bat firmly. “I’ll bet you twenty galleons that one of their players blows away in the wind.”

    “Adam, anyone could blow away in these wind,” said Chaser, Victor Jones, solemnly. “Better not make any bets just yet.” Victor was a frank man. He had little love for Adam’s foolishness. “Just stick to keeping the Bludgers away; that’s your job.”

    The team mounted their brooms.

    Next hundred, and some team-interaction. They need to fly out onto the pitch now.

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    Secret Akasha
    The thing Dorothy loved about Crashers fans was that they'd brave the Apocalypse to cheer their team to victory. When the players took the field, the crowd roared so loud they nearly drowned out the yowling moan of the wind. Even the Appleby Arrows fans seemed undaunted by the small dust devils that swirled on the ground and in the stands.

    "Take positions!" Dorothy shouted and watched as her teammates moved into formation.

    Over the referee's shoulder, Ackerman glared at her, his knuckles white on his broom handle. The crowd began the countdown. The whistle blew. The Quaffle was released.
    Okay Gryffies, I've got the players in the air and the game started. Let's get some action going and some perspective from the Arrows maybe.

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    Madame Marauder
    From his vantage, Cody Lawrence, the Crasher's Seeker, listened as the announcer called out players’ names above thunderclaps.

    “Introducing Gale, Jones, Thompson, Castillo, Nelson, Cohen and Lawrence—Give it up for the Kansas Crashers!”

    The cheer of the fans filled Cody’s ears and he gave a wave to the crowd, his eyes still scanning the storm-cloud sky for the snitch.

    “Also, please welcome the Appleby Arrows: Akerman, Dawson, Watkins, Blackwood, Blackwood, Butler and Chance!”

    The Appleby Arrows flew onto the pitch eagerly and Cody sized up the opposing Seeker, Natalie Chance. He glanced at her and knew he had competition.

    Had to introduce everyone. Now let things begin. Who wants to take on the Arrows?

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    William Akerman inhaled deeply and sped after Jones, who had gotten the Quaffle. He wanted to win to show these people that they were nothing but back-country fools. He had been told that the Kansas Chaser, Thompson, had gotten into a fight with Natalie Chance. He was very protective of his team, because he wanted them to be able to perform their best on the field. He wanted to get back at Thompson and the rest of his teammates.

    Akerman swore silently under his breath. Despite their best efforts, Kansas had just leaped ahead by thirty points. This wouldn’t do.
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    Madame Marauder
    “Butler!” Akerman roared at his Keeper. “What the hell do you think your doing? Thompson just scored three times! Three! Get in the game and out of the clouds!”

    Mark Butler flushed slightly, and turned to the goal in time to catch the Quaffle before it slipped through the ring. He tossed it to Akerman.

    “More like it!” Akerman sped towards the Kansas Keeper, Jenna Cohen.

    Cohen’s daring stunts made her an exceptionally hard Keeper to get past. Her opponents never knew what she was going to do. But the pending tornado, pouring rain and speeding winds limited her moves.

    One hundred more words! We can do this, w00t!!!! Come on Gryffs, go for the gold!

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