Now, I know this is totally random, but do you know the Scamander twins? They're a bit off, I know. And what group of people do you find yourself drawn towards? Not personally. One's a Ravenclaw and one's a Hufflepuff, so I've never really talked to either. Lorcan seems pretty funny, but his brother--Lysander?--seems pretty quiet/serious. Their mum and dad co-authored a bunch of books on magical creatures, though.

Before Hogwarts, I had NO idea what kind of people I liked to hang out with. I mean, I had friends...sort of...but we were never close. It was more of a relationship held together by the fact that our parents were friends.

What's your greatest fear? The Giant Squid. It's CREEPY.

Do you fancy anyone? Sorry, I'm such a hopeless romantic. Not yet. The boys in my year are either really annoying or really immature.

So, Lily's a Weasley? I'm sure she couldn't help being in Slytherin. The Sorting Hat must have put her there for a reason! What do you think your Slytherin qualities are, other than the fact that your father was one? I'm not really sure! I'm very good at sneaking around and I pride myself in being an excellent liar. Even though I don't usually try to, I find that I can manipulate adults pretty easily. I'm pretty good at not getting caught on the rare occasion I break the rules....

Exploding Snap! How fun! Are you any good? Yes! I love it! My Uncle Dean taught me how to play.

Thanks for your questions!