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    Violet Zabini

    September 1, 2019

    My first year at Hogwarts is not off to a good start. I woke up this morning with a stiff right arm from sleeping on my side and a scratchy throat. I was about to go to bed when my older brother Aidan burst in and proclaimed that it was time to "rise and shine." I love my brother, but sometimes he is far too cheerful.

    Mum and Dad were in a rush to leave. Our family is always punctual, but this doesn't keep them from worrying. My mum helped me to braid my hair into a neat plait. She placed my special butterfly clip at the bottom and leaned down to kiss my cheek.

    We took the car to King's Cross, my parents in their work robes while Aidan and I were already wearing our uniforms. We were one of the first families to arrive, but Mum and Dad were worried about being late for work. Quick hugs and promises to write were exchanged until my dad checked his wristwatch and quite literally dragged my mother away. With nothing else left to do, Aidan and I boarded the Hogwarts Express.

    Aidan, being a doting brother, told me that I could sit with him and his friends. I gladly accepted. It took a good half hour for the others to start arriving, and longer still until the train started to move.

    The hours dragged by as we made our way through the countryside, and I nearly made myself sick on licorice wands. When we arrived at last, I eagerly steppd out of the compartment and was swiftly carried along, away from Aidan. One older boy nearly knocked me over, causing my sore arm to hurt a bit.

    All of the first years rode in a fleet of boats to get to the castle. I sat with three people who I didn't know; two girls and a boy. I think that one of the girls was twins with the boy, they looked so much alike, but they turned out to be cousins.

    I was Sorted, as expected, into Slytherin. So was the girl from the boats. Her name is Lily. She and three other girls are in my dorm. I think that I can hear her crying in her bed, but I'm not sure.

    I'm very tired now, so I'll have to finish this later. Good night!
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