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    Question FAQ ~ MuggleNet FanFiction Beta Boards

    Purpose of the Forums

    The goal of these forums is to help Harry Potter fanfiction writers meet and work with betas. We try to have fun while we do it, but ultimately our goal is to help improve writing skills.

    What are the rules?

    * No netspeak. Please use English in full sentences with appropriate grammar and punctuation, to the best of your ability.

    * Avoid spamming. Please read an entire thread before posting to be sure you don't repeat something that's already been said. If you don't have something substantive to add to a conversation, please refrain from posting.

    * Do not put offsite fanfiction links, email addresses, or other inappropriate links in your posts. They will be deleted by the moderators, and repeat offenders may be banned from the boards.

    * Be respectful and helpful. Remember that we have people of many ages and nationalities using these boards. Some of them are here to practice learning English. Flames and sarcasm will not be tolerated.

    * Avoid double-posting. If you were the last person to post in a thread, please use the edit button to add to your post instead of adding another post. There are some exceptions to this rule. Exceptions are noted in individual forum rules/announcements.

    * Custom Avatars and Signatures are permitted. Avatars may be no larger than 100x100 pixels and smaller than 20k. Signatures must take up no more than 500 pixels in width and 300 pixels in height, including all graphics and text. Offensive graphics and/or text may be deleted at the discretion of the mods.

    * This is intended to be a family-friendly set of forums. It is not the place to troll for your next date. Unsafe internet practices and inappropriate material will be dealt with swiftly and severely by the moderators. If you notice something that concerns you, please contact a moderator.

    What is a beta, and how do I get or become one?

    A beta is someone who helps proof-read someone else's writing.

    * If you are an author and are looking for someone to help you, you may place an advertisement in Beta Wanted!

    * If you are an avid reader and want to help improve fanfiction by being a beta, you may advertise in Beta Services, for Sale or Rent.

    * If you are a Perfect Imagination accredited beta, you may apply to join the The Beta Guild.

    What is sorting and how do I get sorted?

    If you have not yet been sorted and would like to be, you may send a PM to SortingHat requesting a manual sorting test. This is an account shared by all moderators; they log in as they are able to and keep up with any messages sent.

    If you were sorted on the boards before May 2006 and would like to return to your former House, please send a PM to your Head of House.

    • Gryffindor: Karaley Dargen , HoH; muggle girl marauder, Prefect
    • Slytherin: NikkiSue, HoH; Viv, Prefect
    • Ravenclaw: ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor, HoH; The Ebil Minion Squad (a group of users, Prefect
    • Hufflepuff: mudbloodproud HoH; , luinrina, Prefect

    How long will it take for me to get my sorting results back?

    It make take a few days, it may take a few weeks (though we try not to allow it get that far behind!); Please be patient. Since the quiz is manually scored and because we have so many people on the forums, it may take quite a bit of time.

    How do I join a usergroup?

    • Go to your User CP.
    • Scroll down to "Group Memberships"
    • Select a usergroup and click "Join"
    • Wait. Be patient.

    Please note that some of the usergroups, such as SPEW and the Bannermakers Association require an application in addition to the join request.

    Who is in charge here?

    The current administrators for these forums are:

    • mudbloodproud
    • NikkiSue
    • Roxy Black

    A full listing of moderators (Unspeakables) may be found below.

    Why do only some of my posts count?

    Only posts in the help forums count toward your post count. This is to help cut back on people spamming to increase their post counts. Please make your posting about the quality of your input and questions, not about a number.

    Why can't I see my post?

    Some of the forums are moderated. This means that a moderator has to read and approve your post before anyone can see it, even you. We have moderators in many timezones around the world, but sometimes it may take several hours before one of us sees and approves your post. Please be patient.

    How do I get images into my signature?

    • Upload your image to a host such as photobucket or yahoo. (Do not hotlink! Stealing bandwidth is uncool!)
    • Go to your User CP, click on "Edit Signature"
    • Use this code (without any spaces): [img ] http: // URL of your image [/ img]

    How do I make my banner link to my fiction?

    • Go to the fiction or page you wish to link to.
    • Copy the code in the address bar.
    • Use this code [ url=" paste address bar code here "] your banner's image code (see above) [/url ]

    When is my favorite forum from the old boards coming back?

    It isn't. What you see is what you get.

    There's something wrong with my PM! It says, " Unread: 50 billion, Total 26." What should I do?

    This is a common glitch. To get rid of it, clear your inbox and it should go away.

    I want to be a moderator of this forum! How do I go about doing that?

    We open up for new applicants around twice a year and hire only a select few who demonstrate excellent writing abilities, superb communication skills, and a working knowledge of Harry Potter canon. Keep an eye out on the main page in the Announcements forum to see when we will be hiring.

    My thread has disappeared! Where did it go?

    Your thread may have served its purpose and had been locked and graved or deleted by a moderator.

    I see a questionable username/thread/story here. How do I report it?

    Contact a moderator privately, and the matter will be taken care of.

    You didn't answer my question! How do I make you answer my question?!

    There's a thread here (whatever the current version of Ask a Moderator is) where you can ask us a question politely and a moderator will get to it shortly. Another option is contacting a moderator privately via AIM or private messaging.
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    Moderator Category Assignments

    First off, please DO NOT contact a mod unless your fic has been in the queue for more than 8 days. If you do find the need to contact a mod then please include the following information:

    Story Title:
    Chapter Title:
    Pen Name:
    Approximate Date of Submission:

    Currently, due to having fewer submissions and fewer moderators, only a handful of categories (based on mod preference) belong to any one moderator. The rest are modded in the order they arrive by whichever mod gets to them first.

    Here's the list of who mods which:

    MWPP/Marauder Era ~ Terri/mudbloodproud (admin)
    Hermione/Draco ~ Nikki/NikkiSue (admin)
    Other Pairing ~ the opaleye

    Here are a list of other mods not listed above who have not chosen a category:


    Next Generation
    Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny
    Other Pairing
    Various Pairings
    Same Sex Pairings (all cats)
    Alternate Universe
    General Fics

    Contest Submissions ~ Not currently used as a category. Do NOT submit to this category
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    On Contacting Moderators:

    Most moderators have made their screenames, email addresses, etc, available to authors for contact purposes. We enourage all authors with questions/comments/queries to contact us in whatever way is most maneagable and appropriate manner, be it IM, email or Private Message.

    However, please do not take advantage of/abuse the channels of communication. Contact info is for MNFF related business only.

    • Do not email mods chain letters, junk mail, other forwards, or put their addresses on mailing lists
    • Do not IM mods 'just to chat'. This is just a blanket rule -- I know certain members are friendly with certain mods for various reasons. But, generally, we - like everyone else -- can't chat with everyone at once, and aren't always well-versed in conversation with people we don't know.
    • Try not to pester. We have a lot of demands on our time -- so when you contact us, try to be specific, and try to be patient if we don't respond right away. We're here to help, but we can't answer every little question.
    • Please refrain from asking us to fulfil personal requests, such as "Will you read my chapter for me?". Most moderators aren't available to BETA or look over your story thoroughly. If they are, they will list themselves in the BETA forum.
    • Please try to write properly, ie refrain from using netspeak. We won't pull you up over comma splices (to a certain point, then the modly stick will be waved), but do try to keep it neat and readable.
    • Moderator business is moderator business. We might say something can't be discussed, please respect that.

    It's not that we're anti-social -- it's just that there's a lot of you and less of us. Which makes for a lot of full inboxes

    Thank you
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    Vindictus Viridian
    I can't read all the posts in all the threads to see if my question has been answered already. Is there some quicker way?

    Yes. There is a search tool in the toolbar near the top of the page. "Advanced Search" lets you look only in specific subforums, such as "Questions." This may save you a lot of scouting around and hoping, though I don't recommend searching the whole forum for "Snape" or "Harry." For common terms you will need to narrow things down.

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    Marauder by Midnight
    When I edit a chapter, huge spaces between paragraphs appear. How do I get rid of them?

    A useful way to get rid of those ugly </ br> tags would be to go to your word processor where you saved your chapter, make your edits there, then either reupload or recopy-paste. It should go away.

    How do I add more than one warning to my story?

    Hold the CTRL key.

    What is my uid or my sid?

    Your uid can be found by going to your author's profile. Look at your URL. It should resemble something like:

    Your uid is the ##### number.

    An sid is the story id. When you're looking at the table of contents of a story, you'll see a URL that looks like:

    The sid is the ##### number.

    My story has been in the queue forever! I'm sure it's been more than seven days. What should I do?

    One thing that might make your chapter take forever to get to a moderator may be because you edit your chapter AFTER you submitted it into the queue. Besides the problem described above, editting a chapter still in queue will also resubmit your chapter. For example, if you submitted your story on July 16 and you edit your chapter on July 22, you should give your chapter another seven days to reach a moderator.

    That is why we stress that you make any edits and changes to your chapter before submitting into the queue.

    I have a question about the ______ forum. Who can I contact?

    You should contact the moderator in charge of that forum. Please leave the "Ask the Moderator" thread for general questions; specific questions should be directed to the right moderator via private messaging. The forum moderator is listed beside the forums they're in charge of.

    I'm tired of my penname/forum name! How can I change it?

    You can't. If you find that you need a new username, create a new account.

    What size should my banner be?

    Your entire signature is not allowed to be more than 300 pixels tall and 500 pixels wide.

    My avatar won't work! How can I get it to show up?

    Forum members are not allowed to have animated avatars (or banners). That privilege is solely for moderators.

    I want this thread closed! How can I close it?

    First read the rules of the forum. A moderator may have their own procedures for closing threads. If it is not stated, then please private message the moderator and ask her politely to close your thread for you.

    What is a sticky?

    A sticky is a thread that remains at the top of a forum no matter how recent the last post was. Sticky-ing threads is a function for moderators only.

    How do I add an image to my author page on the main site?

    The main site uses HTML, so the usual [ img][/img] tags won't work! To insert an image, please use the following code:

    <img src="link to your image">

    Please keep in mind that images on the main site must NOT be excessive - do not insert a picture that stretches your author page. Such images will be deleted on site and without notification.

    How do I know if my signature is the right size?

    Your complete signature (not each banner) should fit in the 300x500 pixel limit we have set. Meaning, your signature from the little line at the top to the very bottom of your last banner/text line should not exceed the boundaries of this box:

    Here it is centered:

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