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Thread: Taylor ~ Available to Beta!

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    Eva Winters: Death Eaters Rising

    Name (on MNFF and Beta Boards if they're different): Shadowkat678 on pretty much everything

    Preferred Name: Shadow, kat, whatever

    Story title (If untitled, that's fine. I could help!!) Eva Winters : Death Eaters Rising.

    Genre: Adventure/AU/Fantasy*

    Ships: I don't really think I have any

    One-shot or chaptered: Chaptered

    Word count (an estimate is fine): 2000-one had over 4000 per chapter( it's really when ever it feels like it needs to stop)

    Has it been validated yet on MNFF? No

    Rating: 3rd-5th year

    Warnings: AU, Mild violence, Character death(maybe, this is going to be a sereis so not sure if it will happen in this one or the next one.)

    Summary: (Just a general idea, if you don't have one.)
    After the Battle, Professor Trelawney has a new vision. The savior shall be a Muggle-born girl with no knowledge of the magic world. Four years after and events start to unfold. Mysteries unravel, adversaries gather, new and old faces show themselves. Will this ordinary girl, who never led anything, be able to save the world? With the help of friends, can she finally step-up? AU

    *English - Adventure/Fantasy
    *Chapters: 10

    AU. (In this Universe many of the characters have not died but they will have a place in the plot.)


    What if, after the Dark Lords fall at the battle of Hogwarts, Professor Trelawney had a second vision? What if that vision predicted one of Voldemort's followers rising up to take his place and bring back the remaining death eaters?

    What would happen if an ancient and dark magical item, lost since the age of the founders, is the one item able to bend the rules of magic and bring back Voldemort's spirit?

    What if many of the characters that died in the books somehow survived in a alternate universe? And what if there is a now new savior, a muggle-born witch unknown to anyone, including herself?

    Follow Eva winters and a whole cast of new characters, along with a bunch of old faces as well, as trouble starts at once again Hogwarts.

    Mysteries unravel, adversaries gather, new and old faces show themselves, and as always, the trouble starts at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Many challenges await her. Does she have what it takes to save them? Find out!

    How soon would you like the story betaed? As soon as possible*

    Would you prefer emailing me or PMing me? (Either is fine.)*
    Anything in particular I can help you with? Suggestions, fix any mistakes, rewording so it sounds better, if you want to add anything in that is funny or goes with the scene, Grammer, idea bouncing, anything really.

    Anything else? I have ten chapters so far and I am going to add a small exert from chapter four when Eva and her friend meet there house mates. It doesn't give too much away. Except personalities and it is more of a funny part.

    I flopped onto my stomach. "Would any of you happen to know where classes are?"

    Heather snorted. "What, you didn't look? That's what the first day was for, you know."

    Jae shot Heather a look. It seemed that many people at Hogwarts had perfected this. I thought my mom's was good but these people seemed to be masters at it.

    "Don't be mean, Rossi." She gave me another bright smile. "Ya, we know where they are. You two could follow us around; first year Ravenclaws all have our classes together." She pulled out a timetable and studied it. Her eyes widened. "Oh, well that's just brilliant."

    "What? Is something wrong?"
    She nodded and tossed the parchment to Avery. "First class of the day."

    Avery groaned and passed it to Heather, who scoffed and threw it at me.

    I read it, puzzled. "So, it's History of Magic, what's the problem with that?" All three girls raised their eyebrows in disbelief.

    "What's the problem? You really don't know? History of Magic is the most boring class in the entire universe! Binns teaches it, the only professor at Hogwarts that's a ghost, and most people say he doesn't even realize he's dead!" Jae moaned.

    Avery nodded. "The class is a study of magical history," she said, noticing my look of confusion. "It probably would be interesting if it was anyone else teaching it. History of Magic is mandatory from the first year to fifth year, with no exceptions, and is pretty much nothing but remembering dates, names and events while he floats there droning on and on the entire class."

    "Five years of boring Binns!" Jae fell back on her bad over-dramatically. "First thing in the morning!" Heather rolled her eyes at Jae and inspected her nails.

    Avery continued. "Some of the Ravenclaws were talking about classes last night. Every one of them agreed that even most Ravenclaws can't focus in his class. Oh, and look, it just got worse...we have it with Slytherin."
    Jae looked over at the paper I was holding with disgust.

    Out of nowhere Heather threw a pillow at her. While they began an argument I wondered how bad Slytherins really were. Everyone here seemed to downright hate them.

    "Um, how bad are Slytherins, really? I've heard they aren't the cheeriest bunch but they can't be all bad. I'm sure not all of them are these evil little demon kids out to get us." They just looked at me blankly. "I'm Muggle-born," I added. Luckily Avery spoke up and broke the silence before things got too awkward for me.

    "Maybe not all of them are, but there's always those few who seem to think they're above everyone else, and sometimes they're just plain mean. They seem bent on causing all other houses trouble and those are the Slytherins we are worried about."

    Jae snorted. "Not to mention what they could get away with in that bloody class. My mom said the professor is so caught up in the stupid lectures he doesn't notice what happens right in front of him. She told me that one time, two kids had a duel in the back of the room and Binns didn't notice until fifteen minutes in. Think of what they could do with that. We would be left wide open! There is a very good reason their house is the one for cunning, and they use every chance they get to show it. Plus, the added fact that most of them are a bunch of pureblooded gits."

    "Says the mother-git herself," Heather smirked as Jae got up and started walking over in her direction, but Avery got up right after and pulled her away before she could manage to do anything too rash.

    I smiled at the three. "Well if that's the worst class we have, then the day can only get better right? Um, what else is there?" Avery took the schedule from me.

    "Okay first, I never said it was the worse class we had. I said it was the most boring. Well, after that we have Transfiguration with Professor McGonagall, and Hufflepuff, then we have lunch. After that is Charms with Professor Flitwick—ugh, and Slytherin again, lucky that's with Flitwick, everyone likes he's our head so there is no way they would dare try anything, then the last class of the day is Flying, with Professor Black and Gryffindor."

    My mouth dropped open. "I'm sorry but did you say flying?"

    Heather rolled her eyes. "Yes, flying. Why, you scared?"

    "Okay, that's it," Jae snapped, tearing her arm out of Avery's grasp.
    I watched in amusement as Jae grabbed her pillow and started attacking Heather with it. Avery tried her hardest to tear her off, but Jae wasn't relenting. Heather yelled out, trying to grab her own pillow in defense, but Jae kicked it away.

    I know that's a tad bit mean that I was sort of enjoyed seeing Jae beat up Heather, but I couldn't help remembering some other kids who were like Heather from back home. I'd always wanted to defend myself like this... That or someone else do it for me. I would probably have gotten beat up anyway.

    Eventually Avery gave up on restraining Jae and ran back to her bed for another pillow. She pushed Jae off Heathers bed and passed a pillow to Red head girl. And so, my three roommates began an all-out pillow war.

    Jae looked at me, grinning. "Well, what are you waiting for? Join in the fun, Eva!" She ducked a deadly swipe by Heather, aimed at her head. "Oh it is so on! You're gonna get it now Rossi!"

    I laughed as Avary joined Jae in the fight against Heather and then looked towards Sorra's bed. She can't be asleep...

    I tiptoed to her bed and ripped open her curtains. She was curled up on her bed, eyes wide open.

    "We're having a pillow fight...join us?"

    She wiped her eyes and shook her head. "No thanks,"

    "Aw, come on, Sorra...we'll be really loud, there's no way you can sleep! If they are dragging me into I'm dragging you into it as well. You're the one who said I needed to be more social."

    "No, Eva, I don't want—"

    She was cut off when the curtains on the other side were ripped open. Jae stood there, a maniacal grin on her face.

    "Come out and play, lovelies!" She whacked Sorra in the side. She yelped and glared at Jae.

    Jae shrugged. "Just pretend it's your brother's head, it's great therapy!"

    A slow smile spread across Sorra's face. "Well...if that's the case..." I laughed and turned away from her. Big mistake.

    I cried out as a pillow made contact, hard, with my shoulder. I turned and glared at Sorra, who smiled guiltily, pillow in hand. "You told me I should join in and be social."

    "It's on, Sorra!"

    All five of us laughed and had a wild pillow fight, that is, until around midnight when some older girls came by and told us, not too nicely may I add, to shut up and get to bed already. Sorra looked much happier by the end, which, as Avery whispered to me later, was what the goal had been in the first place.

    Track Changes or Colour Changes honestly, I don't know what that is.

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    Loony at Heart
    I would love to beta this for you! Would you like to PM me your email?

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    Name (on MNFF and Beta Boards if they're different): efoxxy/efoxxy11

    Preferred Name: Erin

    Story title (If untitled, that's fine. I could help!!): In the Arms of the Enemy

    Genre: Romance

    Ships: Draco/Hermione

    One-shot or chaptered: Chaptered

    Word count (an estimate is fine): 55,000 or so

    Has it been validated yet on MNFF? No, they told me I need to find a beta first

    Rating: 6th-7th year, possibly professor. I'm not quite sure where my story would land. It has descriptive sexual content but never goes any further then kissing and heavy petting.

    Warnings: Mild profanity, Sexual content, Substance abuse

    Summary: (Just a general idea, if you don't have one.) Hermione creates and works at the Ministry's Parole Department, and Draco is being released from Azkaban after almost a decade of imprisonment. Hermione is chosen to overlook his parole, despite her greatest efforts to pass his file on to her co-workers. After Draco's release, being ostracized becomes to much for him, so he seeks comfort in the Muggle community. Hermione helps him fit it to that world, and they passion between the two grows. They fight their feelings for as long as they can, before it consumes their very souls. Just as they come to an acceptance of what they feel, some one threatens the lives of all wizard kind and they have to figure out a way to stop him.

    How soon would you like the story betaed? No deadline

    Would you prefer emailing me or PMing me? (Either is fine.) I would prefer to email, but I have no issues PMing.

    Anything in particular I can help you with? Grammar, making sure all my 'Potterwords' are capitalized (Mugglenet's Validator's words) and any plot holes that come into play

    Anything else? Any thing else that can be seen

    Track Changes or Colour Changes? I don't know what this is :/

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    Loony at Heart

    Yay dramione

    Hi! Personally, I ADORE Dramione, and I'd love to do this! I'd start immediately, but since Shadowkat did ask me first, you may have to wait a week or two. I'll PM you my email.
    Oh, and color changes and track changes are two different ways that you can see my edits. Track changes are exclusively for Microsoft Word, and color changes just mean that I write an edit and make it a different color than the text.

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    Some English speaking place that is sadly not Hogwarts.
    Hi, I Pmed my email, can't wait to hear back and thanks again!
    Different and proud!

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    Hello, Taylor! I can understand if you are too busy to do this, but I would really like some critique on an one-shot. It's super short and shouldn't take too much of your time!

    Name: WrenWinterSong (both here and on the archives)

    Preferred Name: Wren

    Story title: Come Home (tentative title, though it will end up being something similar if I do change it)

    Genre: either D/A or NG (leaning more towards D/A though)

    Ships: none

    One-shot or chaptered: one-shot

    Word count: 1150

    Has it been validated yet on MNFF? Nope, just finished writing it last night!

    Rating: 1st to 2nd years (most likely)

    Warnings: Character Death (unsure if I need it or not, but I'll ask for your opinion on it if you beta it)

    Summary: Two year old Teddy Lupins wonders when his parents are going to come home. (not the actual summary, which I haven't written yet, but the basic idea and mood of the story)

    How soon would you like the story betaed? As soon as it best fits your schedule. I can see you have a few other Beta projects going on, so whenever you can get to it is fine! I hope not more than a week, though, since I am a little anxious to get this on the archives (it'll be my first published story since I took down my other one after completely re-working the plot...).

    Would you prefer emailing me or PMing me? Email is definitely preferable!

    Anything in particular I can help you with? I tried something different with the set-up of this fic, and I would like some thoughts on the flow and paragraph breaks. Also, I think it would be helpful to up the word count a bit, but I'm stumped on where to add more description without messing up the mood. I'd like to know if it works with it being so short or if I need to put more effort into making it longer.

    Anything else? none that I can think of...

    Track Changes or Colour Changes? Track changes please!

    EDIT::: Just found a beta for this, sorry!

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    P0tter fan
    Name (on MNFF and Beta Boards if they're different): p0tter fan
    Preferred Name: p0tter fan is fine
    Story title (If untitled, that's fine. I could help!!):Back to Life
    One-shot or chaptered:chaptered
    Word count (an estimate is fine):about 40,000 total
    Has it been validated yet on MNFF? Not yet. They recommended I get a beta.
    Rating: professor due to language, some violence, and some sexual content
    Warnings:language, violence, sexual content
    Summary: (Just a general idea, if you don't have one.) My story is basically about the year following the war and how each of them adapt to how different life after war really is.
    How soon would you like the story betaed? As soon as is possible. Since this is my first ff, I'm not sure what's a normal time to expect.
    Would you prefer emailing me or PMing me? (Either is fine.) either is fine with me as well.
    Anything in particular I can help you with? The recommendations from the moderator were spelling and grammar. Otherwise, just the flow of the story.
    Anything else?
    Track Changes or Colour Changes? Not sure what that means.

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    Nagini Riddle
    Name: Nagini Riddle
    House: Gryffie
    Title: at the moment, Holiday Hell. But a title would be nice to have help with
    Genre: Dark/Angst
    Ratings/warnings: 3rd-5th yrs; Mental Disorders, Mild Profanity
    Word count: 2,500ish
    One-shot or Chaptered: one-shot
    Summary: You avoid her, but every waking moment is devoted to ruining her life.

    Petunia Evans has a freak for sister, and she is determined to let Lily know exactly how she feels about that... Well, perhaps not exactly.

    Written for the Yuletide Challenge, Holiday Hell prompt.
    How to beta: whatever works for you
    Has this been validated? Nope. I haven't put it in the queue yet.
    PM or email: either one
    Turn-around time: Definitely as fast as possible. This needs to be in the queue by Dec 21
    Anything else? I am willing to hear the words: "This story needs to revised, or put into a different narrative." I would love a thorough beta job, but I also want to know if this story works, or if it needs more, or if the story needs to be rethought out.

    EDIT: I have found a beta, Taylor. Have a great holiday!
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