Hi! I'm Taylor, and I'd love to beta your story! I've got a bit more experience now! I've been in Advanced English my entire school career, so I assume I'm good enough. I've "beta-ed" my friend's stories for a while. (not online.) So, here are my ratings!

1st-2nd Years~ Sure!
3rd-5th~ Yup.
6th-7th~ Yes
Professors~ Negotiable

I will not beta~
Any femme-slash. (Sorry, not my thing.)
No Remus/Sirius.
No Hermione/Snape. Or any Teacher/Student romance, for that matter. (I find it most unappealing.)


Abuse: Yes
Alternate Universe: Yes
Book 7 Disregarded: Yes
Character death: Yes
Dubious Consent: Yes
Epilogue? What Epilogue?: Yes
Mental Disorders: Yes
Mild Profanity: Yes
Non-Consensual Sex: Negotiable, if too graphic, sorry, no.
Self Injury: Yes
Sexual Situations: Yes
Slash: Negotiable
Strong Profanity: Yes
Student/Teacher Romance: No
Substance Abuse: Yes
Suicide: Yes
Violence: Yes


General Fics: Yes
Post-Hogwarts: Yes
Next Generation: Yes
Marauder Era: Yes
Mystery: Yes
Historical: Yes
Poetry: Yes
Humor: Yes
Alternate Universe: Yes
Dark/Angsty Fics: Yes!!

Name (on MNFF and Beta Boards if they're different):
Preferred Name:
Story title (If untitled, that's fine. I could help!!):
One-shot or chaptered:
Word count (an estimate is fine):
Has it been validated yet on MNFF?
Summary: (Just a general idea, if you don't have one.)
How soon would you like the story betaed?
Would you prefer emailing me or PMing me? (Either is fine.)
Anything in particular I can help you with?
Anything else?
Track Changes or Colour Changes?
Please consider! I'd like some more experience!!