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Thread: Hufflepuff Quidditch team burrows into the field

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    Amazingly, thankfully, Justin caught the Quaffle.

    Just then, a bolt of lightning struck the hem of poor Justin's robes.

    I flew over to him and extinguished the fire with my wand. "Are you okay?" I asked. "Can you still play?"

    Just then, several things happened. Our Keeper slipped off his broom, Kate accidentally scored a goal for the other team, and I sneezed. It seemed that being out in the pounding rain during this hours long Quidditch match (no one could seem to find the Snitch) combined with my recent case of the sniffles, had given me a cold.
    I hope you guys can work from this! Lets go Hufflepuffs!

    EDIT: Here you go Gonz! 99 words!

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    social loner
    sweet! two pages! Thank god it's due on Monday. We can totally do this!

    Overall, this practice was turning out to be both a success and a total disaster. We found a good replacement seeker, but also lost our keeper to cruel fate.

    After Patrick had fallen off his broom, he had landed on his leg, breaking it. Now that our keeper was out of comission, we would need a replacement, which, lucky for us, was easily done.

    Patrick's twin brother, Conner, was always happy to fill in when his brother pulled his foolish stunts that always resulted in the consumption of various pain potions.

    I sighed and rubbed my now throbbing head. I couldn't take it anymore, so I rounded up the team to signal the end of practice and made sure they all knew to get enough sleep for tomorrow.

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    Just Tink
    guys, are we having a practice or a game? Because Mrsrubeushagriddursely and I are referring to a game, and Olivia is referring to a practice...

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    I awoke the next morning feeling horrible. My nose was still stuffed up, the Quidditch team was in quite a bad shape, and today we had to play Gryffindor, the best team in the school, for the Quidditch Cup. Deciding to skip breakfast, I headed to the locker room. The rest of team was already there. My greeting was an, "Achoo!"

    "Bless you," everyone replied.

    I spent the remainder of the time before the game started going over tactics with the team until I heard people entering the pitch. “Let’s go guys,” I said.
    Whoo! Let's keep this up guys! We're almost there!

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    Just Tink
    As we entered the pitch, the Hufflepuffs cheered us on. Merlin, what were we doing? We were going to let everybody down! I must have taken a step backward, because Conner gave me a shove onto the field as I blinked in the sunlight.

    With a referee's whistle we were off, the Quaffle passing between Justin and myself until we shot it past the Gryffindor goal. Score! A quick victory yell, and then the game began again... that is, until I saw the bludger getting larger and larger as it headed straight for my stomach.
    If we can't finish it soon, then I suppose we'll just have her get knocked out and wake up in the hospital wing. =)

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    The Bludger hit me full blast in my stomach. Eyes watering, I looked at Sean.

    "Sorry," he mouthed.

    I rolled my eyes and caught the Quaffle. I was speeding towards the goal posts when my nose started to tickle. No, no, I can’t sneeze now, I thought. But it was no use. The sneeze was coming. “Achoo, achoo, achoo!” I sneezed. When I sneezed, I dropped the Quaffle. It fell several feet, and hit Kate in the head.

    “Ow!” she screamed, looking angry.

    This game was going just was wonderfully as practice had yesterday.
    Let's go, we've got only today left!

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    social loner
    whoa, sorry guys, I had been writing like they were in practice the whole time. Sorry if I didn't make that clear enough. Also, I just realized that we never followed up on the sick seeker.

    As the game continued, our outlook was not looking any better.

    Austin, our still fever stricken seeker, was having trouble finding the snitch because of his insistant hacking. Plus, after being hit by the quaffle, Kate was starting to fly more like a drunk driver rather than a chaser.

    At this point, I knew that our only hope was that either, by some force of divine nature, Austin catches the snitch, or that the Gryffindor team suddenly drops unconcious.

    My bet was that the second was more likely.
    Edit: Hey, guys. Just to let you know, I'm going to be gone tomorrow morning untill 4pm on the account that it's my birthday. I don't know what time period you are in, but at around 5:00pm to 10:00pm eastern time , I'm going to be on the forums 24-7, so if you guys can plan on being online around then also, we can really start cranking out posts like crazy. I'll be checking the forum randomly tomorrow when i find time, but the above time is when I will be able to devote 100 percent of my attention to it. Lets do this guys! WOOT, WOOT!!!

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    Well, my wish kind of came true. One Gryffindor player was knocked out, Sean actually got the Bludger to go where it should. Then I managed to score a goal without dropping the Quaffle. Maybe, maybe, we might be able to pull this off, I thought happily. But, then, low and behold, it started to storm. Again.
    Sorry if this was kind of lame. Hope you guys can work with it!

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    Just Tink
    What was it with all this stupid storming? It made me want to storm right off the field, but I simply exchanged a glance with Connor and, with a sigh, glanced around for the quaffle. Wait a moment... that wasn't the quaffle...

    "Ahhh!" I screamed loudly as something gold and glittering tangled itself in my hair, and before I knew it, the entire Gryffindor team was flying straight at me. Reaching into my tangled mess of braid, I pulled out... the snitch?
    Heehee. Austin. That was the name of the guy on Grease: You're the One That I Want. *fangirlness*

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    How does this work? I thought as I held the snitch in my hand. I'm not the seeker.

    Austin seemed to read my thoughts and immediatly flew over to where I was hovering over the pitch. The Gryffindor team, who had stopped their charge after i had pulled the snitch out of my hair, was still to shocked and confused to think anything of Austin's sudden movement.

    Once he reached me, Austin plucked the snitch out of my clasped hand. He then grabbed my wrist and raised both it and the snitch over his head in glory.

    As the pelting rain drenched my robes it slowly began to dawn on me. Did we just win the Quidditch House Cup?
    Wow, our hard work is paying off! Now, we can either end here or go on. I'm up for either, but if you guys feel that you like it then we can call it a wrap, since I know it's getting late. I'm happy with it though. I think we made one great story considering our time period!

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